[Part Three]


*** Be sure to read Part One and Part Two before proceeding.



In essence, we have idolatry and humiliate the true God and degrade the greatness of Jesus Christ, the Son of God by calling him God.


One can readily see how one error leads to another because if Jesus Christ is God then, by sheer logic, Mary has to be the mother of God.  One of the great reasons why they have not understood, and continue to refuse to understand, Jesus Christ as the Son of God is because they do not understand the accurate usage of "formed, made and created" or "body, soul and spirit" in the Word of God.  You need to read the teaching available to you called BODYSOUL - SPIRIT so that you can understand these different and very important concepts.  Also covered is the distinction between formed, made, and created.


The logic of the trinitarians makes no sense.  The trinitarians represent the Son as being identical to the Father God.  Then when Jesus said, "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit," he, Jesus, must have commended a spirit to the Father fully identical to the spirit of the Father, which would make four identical spirits in the tri-personal trinity.


Consider this:  God is God.  Jesus Christ is God.  Holy Spirit is God.  How many gods?  Three.  Now, listen.  God had a son, correct?  Jesus Christ as God then must have had a son; the Holy Spirit as God must then have had a son.  That makes six in the Godhead.


Now let’s take a look at Acts 20: 28 where you will see another deliberate forgery where the trinitarians made every effort they could to promulgate the doctrine that Jesus Christ was God.  Without attention to detail, it is easy to miss the added words and the way the pronoun is affected in the last section of the verse.


Let’s take a look at the King James Version of Acts 20: 28.  See if you can pick up the two small words that throws the whole Word of God to pieces and attempts to prove that Jesus Christ was God.


Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost [God] hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he [God]  hath purchased with his own blood.  -- Acts 20: 28 


This is so forceful because, in this short verse of scripture, if you retain the words "of God," as in the King James Version, the argument could be that the trinity slays one of its gods, God the Son.  If Jesus Christ is God, and God purchased the Church with His own blood, then one god slew the other one.


Adamantly adhering to the erroneous doctrine of the trinity led the trinitarians to believe the following:  "Some ancient authorities, including the two oldest manuscripts, read 'God'."  They had placed this note somewhere in the margins of their writings.  Neither one of the two oldest manuscripts they refer to is any earlier than the period of the fourth century and, by that time, the erroneous teaching that Jesus Christ was identical with God had already matured into full bloom.  In the annals of Church history prior to this time, there is no quote of the words, "of God" in any record of Acts 20: 28.  Endeavoring to exalt the Son of God to "God the Son" humiliates God - even to the death of a god, one god killing another god on the cross.  Now allow me to give you a literal translation according to proper usage of Acts 20: 28.  Watch what happens when I remove the words “of God”.  And here is the point where the pronoun changes in the last section of the verse.  Since the notes in my Bible are more updated then the research material that I am using to do this teaching, I am going to add a more accurate translation that also helps you to see the change in the pronoun that I have mentioned.  Here is the verse rightly divided:


Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost [God] hath made you overseers, to feed the church of the Lord, which he [Jesus Christ] hath purchased with his own blood.  -- Acts 20: 28 


You should be able to see the changes from ’of God’ to ‘of the Lord’.  And now the pronoun ’he’ becomes Jesus Christ and he is the one who purchased us with his own blood.  This advanced teaching will make you very sharp in your renewed mind.  Even at this point, you should be able to teach anyone that Jesus Christ is not God, but the son of God.  You see the small details that need to be changed in some of the verses as a result of what took place after the fourth century.  You must remember that the secret to the enemy’s success is the secrecy of his moves and you could see how tricky he is when you read the wrong version of this particular verse.  I find it exciting to learn the truth of God’s Word, instead of being fed lies by man.


Let’s examine another verse in John where the trinitarians use the words of Jesus Christ to argue that Jesus Christ is God.


And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:  -- John 17: 22


In this prayer by Jesus Christ to his Father about his disciples, the last word, "one" - "even as we are one" - the trinitarians say means Jesus Christ is God.  If that is true, then the word "one," referring to the disciples in the earlier part of verse 22, makes the disciples God also.  Do you see how ridiculous and incoherent the logic is of the trinitarians?  It is nothing but organized confusion and we should know where that comes from.  If you and your earthly father are in a business venture together and you both have equal skills, then if someone asks you if he or she can see your father, you can say as a figure of speech, “Who sees me sees my father”.  In other words, you are very similar in purpose and design and you always work together.  Jesus Christ and his disciples had unity of purpose and they worked together.  No, they were not equal with Jesus Christ.  That is why they listened to and carried out his will because they knew it was God’s Will.  This is a simple figure of speech to try to make it clear to you what Jesus meant when he made the statements in the gospel of John chapter 17. 


To negate even more the foolish arguments presented by the trinity boys, let’s take a look at another verse in the gospel of John.  Jesus Christ was in a severe controversy with the Judeans when he exclaimed:


My Father, which gave them  me, is greater than all ...  -- John 10: 29a


Here, Jesus Christ, states clearly that God Almighty is greater than all.  If Jesus Christ were God, he would not say this.


Now John 1: 1 is really interesting in that the trinitarians interpret it as follows:


In the beginning was God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  All three were with God and all three were God.  – John 1: 1 trinitarian interpretation


But that is not what the verse says.  Explain how "the Word" could be with God while literally being God Himself.  The difficulty cannot be escaped, for how could it be the God and be with the God at the same time? 


Researching the word ‘Word’ shows us that the Greek word used in Verse 1 is logos and logos means ‘word’.  It is used three (3) times in the verse.  Here is the proper and simple translation of the verse as per the King James Version.  Keep in mind that we only know each other by our words.


In the beginning was the Word [logos], and the Word [logos] was with God, and the Word [logos] was God.  – John 1: 1


The question of John 1: 1 is who is “the Word” or what is “the Word”.  Genesis 1: 1 plainly states “In the beginning God . . . “ God alone was from the beginning.  Now let’s take a look at the verse and give a literal translation according to usage.


In the beginning was the Word [God is His Word] and the Word was with God [just like your words are with you] and the Word was God. – John 1: 1


The Word was God just like your words define you.  People only know you by your words and the same is true with God.  It’s simple because God is not a God of confusion.


The trinitarian translation is a clear case of forgery to mislead the reader.  The persons who committed the forgery had been trained to believe that there were three persons, each of whom was the infinite God, yet there was but one God.  If three equals one, and one equals three, the mathematics of theology must be a mysterious thing, and the trinitarians are always insisting on the mystery of the trinity.  It is not a matter of a mystery, it's a matter of deliberate lying and the deliberate contradiction of Scripture.


And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:  God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.  -- I Timothy 3: 16


The theologians, to prove their mystery ideas, use I Timothy 3: 16 because of the word ‘God’.  But Paul is not speaking about the mystery of the trinity, nor the mystery of the godhead, but the mystery of godliness.  The main problem in the above verse, which is a deliberate forgery, is the use of the word ‘God‘.  The word “God” in Greek is the relative pronoun hos meaning “which”.   This is the key to rightly dividing this verse.  Hos is found in all critical Greek texts except Stephens which is the text used for the King James translation.  How the error using ‘God’, instead of the word ‘which’, could have crept into the Stephen’s text in the following manner, is easy to perceive.  Now watch this carefully.


The relative pronoun “which” looks similar in Greek to our two English letters “OC”.  Pay close attention to the fact that the word God in Greek is quite similar to the two letters “OC”.  In fact, they produce the abbreviation for God which I will explain in the best manner I can.  I do not have special word processing software, but I will explain it to you in a manner that you should be able to understand.  The Greek letters for “God” is quite similar to “OC”.  The first letter O has a horizontal line going through the middle of the letter.  The C is the same.  Another difference is that above this OC is a horizontal line over the top of them.  Although this might be hard for some of you to picture, the word “God” could not have been used in the original manuscripts.  By using the original word “which”, there remains no contradiction between this and the 68 clear verses about the son of God.  I do not want to confuse you by getting into Greek words and their translations.  However, for those of you who can handle it, you can also see a similar error in Hebrews chapter 1: 8.  Here, the word God is referring to a man in an exalted position, not God himself.  In summary of this verse in I Timothy, I would like to say and conclude that this subject stamps this passage in the King James Version as outright forgery.


In the days of Jesus Christ, the Judeans crucified him for being the Son of God.


The Jews answered him, We have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.  -- John 19: 7


Trinitarians in our day abolish the "Son of God" and crucify God the Son.  There is absolutely no mystery concerning the trinity because there is no trinity.


The trinitarians have made void the law of God, not merely by their tradition, but by deliberate forgery.  The trinitarian doctrine tends to humiliate God under the pretense of honoring Jesus Christ.  They don't want to understand.  Satan has blinded their eyes and given them a spirit of slumber - eyes that they cannot see and ears that they cannot hear.  Many people who refuse to be born again and reject the Word of God are afflicted with this spirit of slumber – a devil spirit. 


And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou [God] hast sent.  – John 17: 3


Jesus thus establishes his Father as the true God.  The trinity forgery is continuing to be pushed on individuals and nations. Today we do it by the pen or by the tongue, while previously and originally, it was done by the sword of a Roman emperor.  How futile and weak is an argument when its proponents have to resort to such methods to perpetrate and perpetuate it.  Yet in this very day, let’s review I Timothy 3: 16 once again.


And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness:  God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.  – I Timothy 3: 16


The word “God” was forged and should be the word “which” (see above).  However, this error is quoted by clergymen who know better.  The revisers have corrected the forgery as far as English is concerned.  One may correct the text, but not the heads of the theologians and clergy who refuse to believe.  Again, we all have a choice, whether to believe God or to believe man.


Let’s review I Corinthians chapter 8, verses 4 to 6.  We will begin by studying the very last part of verse four and continue through verse six.  The word for "God" is theos.   The plural is theoi.   The Greek word theos is generic.  We read:


 " ... there is  none other God but one.  For though there be that are called gods [theoi], whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods [theoi] many, and lords [kuroi] many,) But to us there is but  one God [theos] the Father, of whom are  all things, and we in him; and one Lord [kurios] Jesus Christ, by [for] whom are  all things, and we by him.  I Corinthians 4c to 6


Here is some more proof of the forgery of the Word of God to try and prove the trinity.


For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.  -- Colossians 2: 9


In Colossians 2: 9, had they translated "Godhead" "head God," it would have agreed with God in Christ.  The word translated "Godhead" appears nowhere else in the New Testament.  The use of the capital letter "g" enables the trinitarians to argue for the essential godhead of each of the three persons in the trinity - another deliberate forgery.


Theologians do not teach that Jesus' body was the body of the Holy Ghost.  Jesus Christ was not God the Son; he was the Son of God and the Son of man.  He was the Son of God because of divine conception, the Son of man because he was born of woman.


I am simply going to quote Romans 9: 5 rightly divided by the American committee.  The text as it appears in the King James Version is another forgery by the trinitarians.  To limit the length of this teaching and to help you keep your concentration, you can easily look up the translation that is in the King James Version.  My literal of that translation is completely different than what is stated in the King James Version.  This verse is frequently quoted as seen in the King James Version as proof text by the trinitarians as they manipulated the punctuation among other factors.


Whose are the fathers, and of whom is Christ as concerning the flesh; he who is over all, God, be blessed forever.  – Romans 9: 5 [American Committee Translation rightly divided]


Who is over all?  GOD.  The American committee placed this in the margin of the text.  Remember, when you are reviewing the King James Version, I taught you that all punctuation is added by man and is not a part of the original Word of God.  You must remember this to rightly divide God’s Word.


Up until the Roman emperors had stamped out the resistance against the trinity by the use of the sword, there was no writer who ever advocated Romans 9: 5 as a scripture for the trinity.  This came centuries later as the belief in the trinity became more accepted by the propounding of the theologians and the sword of the emperor. 


Take a look at Romans 9: 4 and 5 in your King James Version.  Remember, that punctuation was all added by man and can easily throw the Word of God into pieces.  From my research materials, I am going to present to you the proper punctuation for these two verses.  This will show you that God is supreme and Jesus Christ is a subordinate for he is God’s only begotten Son.  This does not belittle Jesus Christ in any way, shape, or form.  He gave his life for us and he always did the Will of the Father.


Literal translation according to usage and proper punctuation:


Who are Israelites?  To whom the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service, and the promises?  Whose the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh?  Christ.  Who is over all?  God.  Blessed forever.  Amen.  -- Romans 9: 4 and 5


Again, God is supreme and Jesus Christ is subordinate, for he is God's only begotten Son.  And to him God said, "Sit thou on my right hand" - God, commanding His Son's obedience.  The Son prayed, but God never prays.  The Son said, "Now, Father."  If Jesus Christ's nature were divine, if he were God, he could not have had a father.


I should mention to you at this point that you are probably wondering where some of these literals are coming from and I do not blame you.  The research materials I am working from are the result of much traveling overseas by our research department when I studied with the ministry who taught me God’s Word.  A group of research experts in this field were sent to such countries as Germany and many others to examine the closest to the original biblical texts available today.  This is the first time I have revealed this in any teachings since I am no longer involved with this ministry since the founder fell asleep.  I have vowed to God to continue his teachings because the revelation he received was directly from God Almighty and I am duplicating and imitating that revelation.


Take a look at John 16: 13.  The words pneuma hagion in the Greek always refers to the Holy Spirit.  Since God is a spirit, he is of the neuter gender.  God is not a he and God is not a she.  That simple.  The mystery of the trinity is in the creeds of men, not in the Word of God, the Scriptures.  Again, in the Greek language, the word pneuma for ‘spirit’ is always neuter in gender, and every pronoun agreeing with it - and every adjective - is in the neuter gender. There is no exception.  Then why do the theologians in John 16: 13 want to use the masculine pronoun?  Please take a look at the verse.  The answer is very simple.  They want to have the people believe that the pneuma hagion is a person and, thus, identical to God the Father.  To do such violence makes this another act forgery, not a mistranslation.  In my bible, everywhere it says ‘he’ in John 16: 13, I have scratched it out and placed the word ‘it’.   You should do the same and even though there are other changes that need to be made in the verse, let’s keep it simple for now. 


At the baptismal time of Jesus, if it were true what the trinitarians believe, you would have one god speaking from heaven, you would have a second god coming up out of the water in the form of a man, and you would have another god descending from the skies in the form of a dove - all at once.  Sounds sort of ridiculous, doesn't it?  One of those infinite gods says to another infinite god, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."  What nonsense.


The trinitarians call themselves orthodox and everybody else heretics - those who differ with them on the subject.  They consider themselves the custodians of evangelical truth.


The respect of thinking people cannot be permanently retained, for the seekers after truth will sooner or later discover the mistranslations, as well as the forgeries, on which the trinity has been based.  At the present time, there is no Roman emperor's sword to sustain it, only the tongue and pen of men.  The trinitarian teaching has destroyed both good sense and good morals for Christian leaders and Christian thought.  The Church has lost its hold on thinking people. People will not continue following Christian leaders in whose honesty they have no confidence.  The early Church taught, with emphasis, one God; but the trinity was forced on the world by the sword of the Roman power.  The early Christians had no conception of the doctrine of the trinity as it is now taught.


Bible societies and Bible translators continue to issue these forgeries, yet they endeavor to tell us they stand for honesty and integrity.  Why not just simply believe the truth of God's Word when Jesus said, " ... my Father is greater than I"?  What do we gain by trying to make three persons, each of them God?  The errors of so-called orthodoxy are continuing to be the forgeries of the Scriptures.  Thus, they are adulterating the truth - the very people who profess to teach truth.


In John 20 we read:


And many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book:  But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.  -- John 20: 30 and 31

John did not say Jesus is God.  To the Judeans, even Jesus as the Son of God was a stumbling block - a blasphemer.


One of the reasons for the promulgation of the trinitarian doctrine today is that the almighty dollar has replaced the Almighty God.  Today, it's like the days of Elijah: one who calls people back to the worship of the true God is considered a troubler of Israel.  He is disseminating dangerous views.


Endeavoring to sustain a doctrine disproved by human intellect and by the integrity of the Word of God is putting forth a great deal of effort in trying to believe a lie. Anyone questioning the settled dogma of the trinity is advised not to do so because it would upset the orthodoxy relative to the doctrine of the trinity which was established by the sword, by persecution and by cruel oppression, until the Church, which was corrupted by statesmen and ecclesiastical hierarchy in a civilized world, became only an imitation of heathen religions using Christian names.  All this teaching of the trinity and the unification of the declaration thereof is concealed from the average student who is not told that it was unified by persecution.  It is concealed from the student that Theodosius the Great in the latter part of the fourth century made, by force, the trinity the official doctrine of the Roman Empire.  And, at that time, there were not enough trinitarians in the capital city of Constantinople on the first Sunday thereafter to place even one single worshipper in each church building in the city.


The first commandment states:


"I am the Lord thy God .... Thou shalt have no other gods before me."


Another great truth in the Word says:


"Hear, 0 Israel:  The Lord our God is one Lord."


These are never emphasized in any creed that man has made.  Yet they sit like diamonds with great accuracy in the Word.


The Word of God opens with one God.  The Word of God closes with the following:


And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the son himself also be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.  – I Corinthians 15: 28


According to a research study pertaining to the word ‘also’, it has been found that this word is reversed in much of the King James Version.  This study was done by E.  W.  Bullinger.  If you notice in the above Scripture, I take the words “also himself” and reverse them to ‘himself also’ which makes more sense and is more logical.  Notice at the end of the verse it says that God ‘may be all in all’.  This is a figure of speech referring to the fact that God is over all things in all places.


I do not know of any denomination that does not treat the greatest and most beautiful of all the commandments as being obsolete, and brand anyone disagreeing with them as a "heretic."  Until the truth of the greatness of God's Word is revived and believed, Christendom will be the laughingstock of the world, and it will truthfully only be a veneered heathenism.


I would like to conclude this teaching with a short warning story about a person who was a strong believer in the trinity.  It was my girlfriend’s mother in my college days.  It wasn’t enough that we were both the happiest couple on the face of the earth.   My girlfriend was very open to the Word rightly divided making this relationship very special.  The mother, a devout Catholic got involved and acted like I was a heretic.  She worked hard to split us up by threatening to take her daughter out of college.  We eventually parted against our will as Satan had sprung his trap.  Woe unto the mother is all I can say.  When we parted our ways, my girlfriend said:  “If we are apart, if we never see each other again, no matter what the circumstances” …………..  And then she used hand signals to finish what she was trying to say.  It was the most romantic gesture I had ever witnessed in my life.  I can still see her fingers and hands forming the words “I love you”.  We both agreed that this would never change.


That’s what a trinitarian can do to you.  So be careful.  This teaching should be used wisely and be on guard.  This is the enemy’s greatest deception along with the dead being alive.  God bless you and thank you for staying with me through the three parts of this teaching.