The Manifestations of Holy Spirit


Youíve heard me say this before, but this time I am as serious as I can be.LISTEN UP!This teaching is most important for those of you who have misunderstood and have been misunderstanding the field of the Holy Spirit.We are going to cover, in detail, the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit from the book of Corinthians.For those of you who have had problems in this area, I am going to do my very best to clear them up and to educate you properly in this area.It is most important as a believer that we operate the manifestations of Holy Spirit.For now, I will mention only one benefit of the operation of these manifestations in a believerís life.I would like you to take a look at Galatians 5: 22 and 23.Those nine fruit of the spirit can only result from the operation of the manifestations of Holy Spirit.It is my intention to bless your life tremendously by sharing what I know, learned and lived in my walk with God.Letís get right to the teaching.


For approximately 100 times or more, I have taught you the following principle that pertains to different versions of the Bible.You should remember by now that the King James Version is the only version that puts words that are added by the translators in italics.The following is a perfect example of the calamity that can result pertaining to italics.Letís take a look at I Corinthians chapter 12.


Now concerning spiritual gifts,brethren, I would not have you ignorant.-- I Corinthians 12: 1


Now you tell me what is radically wrong with this Scripture.It is obvious and the problem is with the word Ďgiftsí.This word is in italics and has been added by the translators due to an oversight or a lack of research of the true Word of God.This one word can throw the whole Word of God to pieces.The closest to the original texts puts in the word Ďmattersí.Now the Word of God is rightly divided.Many people argue and are still arguing that the manifestations of Holy Spirit are gifts that are given only to certain people who deserve to have this gift.This is completely erroneous.They are spiritual matters or manifestations as we will see.These religious people also argue that these manifestations have disappeared with the apostles.Well, that is quite funny, because I can operate all nine of them and so can you if you are born again of Godís Spirit.From one little word, people hash the Word of God to pieces and this is what the god of this world wants to happen.God is saying that concerning spiritual matters, he does not want us to be ignorant.God wants us to be wise and smart concerning the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit.You should now read the first six verses and focus specifically on verse 7.Now watch what this verse says.It contradicts verse one because it is accurate.


But the manifestation of the spirit is given to every man to profit withal.-- I Corinthians 12: 7


Now here we have the rightly divided Word of God.This verse specifically states that the operation of the manifestations of Holy Spirit are exactly that Ė MANIFESTATIONS.In simpler terms, as I have already mentioned, every born again believer has the ability to operate all nine manifestations according to their believing.


To help you to easier understand this important teaching, we are first going to go to I Corinthians 12, verses 8, 9, and 10.We need to go over these three Scriptures since they contain the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit.But then I feel it is most important that you teach this subject the same way that I did.What Iím going to do for you is to take these manifestations and to place them in three different categories.You will understand this as we continue.


For to one [prophet] is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another [prophet] the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another faith by the same Spirit; to another that gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kindsof tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues:-- I Corinthians 12: 8, 9, 10


All of the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit are in these three verses.Can you count them?I am going to teach you the way that I learned these manifestations from my advanced studies.You can categorize these nine manifestations into three different orderly subjects.Let us do that right now.


We are going to talk about THE WORSHIP MANIFESTATIONS


Divers kinds of tongues simply means that a person can speak in two different languages in tongues.It is not a common situation, but it exists.So we are first going to review divers kinds of tongues which can be referred to as Speaking in Tongues.Speaking in tongues in your private prayer life builds you up spiritually.In another one of my teachings, I list about 12 benefits of speaking in tongues.Paul said, I thank my God that I speak in tongues more than ye all.This manifestation is extremely important and you should do it as often as you can.Because of Paulís dedication he received the greatest revelation that any believer has ever received.I am referring to the great mystery of God in Christ in you.


So divers kinds of tongues which can be referred to as speaking in tongues falls into the category of worship.Thatís one.


The interpretation of tongues is another manifestation of Holy Spirit.However, it is handled differently than speaking in tongues.When a person is in a believers meeting, that person may be asked to speak in tongues and to give an interpretation of what he or she spoke in a tongue.That is the difference between this manifestation and the first one.You are never to interpret tongues unless you are in a believers meeting.This subject can become very involved, but that is all we are going to go over concerning the second manifestation of Holy Spirit.The person in the believers meeting who speaks in tongues out loud is required to interpret what he just spoke in the English language.It will bless people in the meeting and it will build them up spiritually.Thatís two under the category of the worship manifestations.Now we will go into the third and final manifestation of Holy Spirit which falls unto the category of the worship manifestations.


ĎTo another prophecyí.Only believers who are fully instructed in the rightly dividing of the Word of God pertaining to the holy manifestations will give forth a word of prophecy in a believerís meeting.The leader or coordinator of the Fellowship will call on certain people to operate these manifestations such as prophecy.There is no speaking in tongues here, but the person will just bring forth a message to God or for Godís people that will bless and edify those people.It will never be instruction.The person will just speak in the language of those present and prophesy.It is that simple.Thatís three.


Speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, and prophecy fall under the category of the worship manifestations.If you study the subject and think about what is being taught here, you will see that each manifestation deals with worship.When you learn more about the worship manifestations, you will know quickly that they are speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy.That should not be very difficult for you to understand.





These revelations manifestations are informational and instructional.They are referred to as the ďEyes and YearsĒ of the church.They are extremely important to your daily walk with God.I do my very best to operate these manifestations every single day.Whatever you can know by the Word of God, God expects you to know.These Revelation manifestations begin where the Word of God ceases.Letís go over the three of them.


Word of Knowledge is where God can show you something whereby your five senses, you can never know.So just try to begin to imagine how important this manifestation of the spirit is to you and to your walk with God.This is where God tells you WHAT to do.Word of knowledge is when God tells you something with a still small voice.Now watch how the next manifestation falls right in line with word of knowledge.Thatís four.


Word of Wisdom is where God takes the word of knowledge that He gave to you and tells you how to carry it out.God will do this for you if he knows that you believe.He would not give you word of knowledge if he thought you would do nothing with.So the second step to carry out Godís Word is logically word of wisdom.Are you beginning to see how great these manifestations of Holy Spirit are?We really canít function and be more than a conqueror without operating these manifestations.Thatís five.


Let me give you a short introduction to the next revelation manifestation.What if you are dealing with a person who has a devil spirit?God tells you that this person has a devil spirit and He tells you what to do about it.However to be more than a conqueror in this particular situation, you need to know what devil spirit you are dealing with and thatís where the next manifestation comes into play.


Discerning of Spirits is where God will tell you what devil spirit you are dealing with.It could be a lying spirit and you need to know this to counter it.It could be a spirit that dwells in an alcoholic which is the trickiest spirit the old adversary has.You need to know which spirit you are dealing with and that is the purpose of Discerning of Spirits.If you know what devil spirit you are dealing with, you can cast it out of that person in the name of Jesus Christ.Thatís six.





We are now going to study THE IMPARTATION MANIFESTIONS


These are the action, power, impartation manifestations; the application (action) of Revelation manifestations.Do we understand that?The Revelation manifestations are activated by the impartation manifestations which are the following.


Faith (believing) is something that we should understand by now.We must be able to believe to bring anything to pass that God promises.The word faith is pistis in Greek and it means to believe.If we are to bring action and power in the operation of the manifestations of Holy Spirit, WE MUST BELIEVE.If we do not believe we are wasting our time and Godís time.Iím sure that many of you who have followed these teachings are 100% sure that God requires believing.Remember when you dropped pencil on your desk?You are sure that it is going to hit your desk and thatís believing.Believing can bring forth miracles.God says that we can move mountains by our believing and itís true.So faith is one of the impartation manifestations.Thatís seven.


Working of miracles is another one of the impartation manifestations.Impartation manifestations are Godís solution.I am aware of a situation where a very elderly woman fell dead in a prayer meeting.The congregation got around her and prayed and prayed and prayed and that woman came back to life.You choose not to believe this?Good.If you want to go to hell that your prerogative.Sorry, but I get a little bit psyched up when I get into Godís Word.I have had a number of miracles take place in my life.I should be dead twice Ė graveyard dead.Youíve got to see that the impartation of faith works together with miracles.No one is going to get a miracle unless they believe.And here is another thing that you should know.You remember the record when Jesus Christ asked the people to leave the room because he was going to raise someone from the dead.The people that he asked to leave the room were the unbelievers.You should always get rid of an unbeliever when you have anything important to do.I noticed this when I work sometimes.If there is unbelief in that atmosphere, I do my best to get rid of the people that are the unbelievers in that room.Miracles, man, they happen.Believe me.Thatís eight.


Gifts of Healings††††† I must mention to you at this point that the devil himself and all his devil spirits will always counterfeit what the true God does.Now I am going to tell you something that some of you are not going to like to hear.But I speak the Word of God.I care not what man thinks.I just wanted to mention to you that most of these healings that you see on television are counterfeit.They are fake.And if it appears like someone does get healed, there will be a price to pay.What I mean to say is that many of these people will have a reoccurrence of this disease that they thought they were healed from.Situations and circumstances have to be exactly correct for a person to truly be healed by the true God.First of all the person administering the healing and the person being healed must believe 100% that they are going to be healed.This can be difficult for many people to understand.And I need to mention to you why the manifestation is called gifts of healings (plural).Many times a person who was healed has a reoccurrence of this same problem.That is why the plural of healings is used.That person may have to come back to be healed twice for the same problem.This is not Godís fault.Many times our believing begins to falter and we fall back into our same habits and we can become sick once again.There are also times when you can let go and let God and He will just heal you.In many cases, especially my own, you will remember from the Bible that if Jesus Christ healed somebody, he will say to tell no man.Isnít that something?In my case, Iíve always done that.Itís just too much of a mind blower for people to understand this.But if you believe and you believe really strong, you will have no problem believing that God can heal people and this healing also coincides with the other manifestation of miracles.Thatís nine.





I felt that by breaking down these nine manifestations of Holy Spirit, it would help you to understand them much better.It puts a type of order to what is going on and you should know that God says ďLet all things be done decently and in order.Ē


God changed the word of knowledge and word of wisdom for me pertaining to this teaching.I was surprised that this teaching would fall into place like it did.In the future I may go into each one of these manifestations one at a time so that I could get you into more detail pertaining to Word of God and how it is to be believed and operated in our lives.I can only hope and believe that this teaching has helped you in some way, because I care about you.


If you think my life is just some picnic, I want to tell you what can happen because God wants it to happen Ė because God wants to shut down a company.God will allow a person or a company or anybody to cause you some hurt at times.God knows that we can handle certain amounts of tribulation and we are Godís arms and legs and his mouth.I just want you to know what can happen even when you walk with God.I bid on a guitar on a very large auction site Ė Iím sure you know the one referring to.Their equipment malfunctioned and my bid which was an absolute winning bid by $60 never was registered.The company did nothing to help me.The president and CEO of the company never even answered my letter.I let them go because I knew God wanted an open door to put an end to this company.And some day, He will.So donít let tribulation get to you, okay?I may have lost the guitar but I helped God be victorious in something that He wanted done.You see I have no fear.I will go after anybody if I know itís Godís will for me to do so.Nobody messes with a child of God and gets away with it. I want you to always remember that.Because I love you and I would do anything to help you.You take care and take a stand.God will always heal you from anyone who tries to hurt you.You could wish with all your heart that you were not that person.God bless.Youíre the best.