A Charmer Spirit



Important note:it would appear to be out of order for me not to tell you that this is a very advanced teaching.It would be best for many of you who lack spiritual perception because you may be somewhat new to biblical principles, to not read this teaching.



Every believer should never be afraid of any type of devil spirit.When you are in fellowship with God, God will protect you from any of the enemyís attacks.What Iím about to teach you is only for the very strong believer who studies and applies Godís Word.


And in nothing terrified by your adversaries:which is to them an evident token of perdition [destruction], but to you of salvation [wholeness], and that of God. -- Philippians 1: 28


I have decades of experience with a charmer spirit.I saw what it can do firsthand to a complete family.Just like Satan does, it will steal, and kill, and destroy.It is one of the most deceptive spirits that I have ever witnessed.If it werenít for the ministry that I studied with for many years, I would never have known that this type of spirit existed.And, more importantly, I would never have understood what happened to my father and my mother and the distance I still experience between both of my sisters.This charmer spirit is one of the worst type of attacks on a family.To sum it all up in one statement:IT BREAKS UP HOMES.


I am taking this teaching from my advanced class syllabus that is not available to you.The adversary has methodically destroyed much of the material that is available to you concerning the rightly divided Word of God.Let us start with a basic Scripture that you should have memorized a long time ago.


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:I am come that they might have life, and that they might have itmore abundantly. -- John 10: 10


It is the first part of this verse that I want to stress.You know who the thief is and you see what three things he does.He steals, he kills, and he destroys.


What you need to understand is that the adversary or the devil, is the commander in chief.What do I mean?When Lucifer began a mutiny in heaven, one third of the angels went with him.They compose all the devil spirits that are in existence today.The devil has divided the devil spirits and given them separate tasks to perform.Obviously, to one group of devil spirits, he has accorded to them the job of breaking up homes.This is the charmer spirit.


I am going to share my heart with you pertaining to some personal matters in my own life.When I was about 11 years old, I had stomach ulcers from listening to the bickering and fighting and arguing that went on in my home.I never had a normal lifestyle until God sent someone to me to help me.I watched my mother and father get along extremely well many times.Then little by little, they began to argue and bicker over unimportant matters.Then they would go out together and were professional dancers stealing the dance floor from everyone else who was happy to see the talent that they had.Many times they will go out and come home and for reasons unknown to me, I would lay in bed and listen to them argue for hours.I seriously thought that one of them was going to kill the other person.


For some reason, in my advanced syllabus, this type of spirit is listed under the category of the occult.I want you to understand that anything that deals with a category in the occult is of the devil.People practice astrology almost every day of their lives.They do not realize that they are under the influence of the devil in every aspect of their lives.Astrology is part of the occult.Although I have mentioned this before, maybe it would be easier for you to understand the term occult when I mention a Ouija board.I used to dabble in the occult before I knew the Word of God.Maybe thatís why you can understand why I am so blessed today to know Godís Word.Many times you will not see the end result of the occult or anything else thatís devilish in your life, for many years.I suffered more than you can ever know.I almost died twice.I was told by a medical doctor that if I said what I told him that I went through, that there would be no possible way that I could still be alive.Well, I guess Iím a ghost.Ha.Iíll stick to the Word, okay.You must be able to understand that the after effect of me simply using a Ouija board practically destroyed everything in my life that meant anything to me.All that I can say is if you are dabbling into astrology or using a Ouija board, you had better get rid of those bad habits right now Ė at this very moment.I am trying to help you.


My mother and father were separated about five times and were divorced finally twice.I was very young at the time and I had to get used to living in numerous different places and apartments.I could never really concentrate on my schoolwork, since I appeared to live in hell.It was 10 years later that God pulled me out of all of this and I went back to Penn State University and graduated first in my business administration class.I believe that some of my old high school teachers would have fainted and I hope not get hurt too bad when they hit the floor.Now I want to go back to another basic Scripture that again, you should have memorized and it should be completely understood by you at this point in your walk with God.


This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. -- I John 1: 5


So many people want to blame God for all the negative things that happen.Take a look at that previous verse and put it in your heart.Itís not hard to understand.If God is all light, then how can He kill anybody or harm anybody or bring suffering to any person on the whole earth?The logic and simplicity of Godís Word is astounding in many ways.How many times I have heard it said that it is so simple that we miss it for years?Some people miss it all of their life.These are the people that refuse to believe.Most of these people are people who will not take care of their health and who are spreading this Covid virus across the face of the earth.I am not prejudice against any country or people in this world.I was fortunate to buy a part for my Corvette from a person who lives in China.It is amazing to me for a person to live under a communist regime and to be so kind and helpful in so many ways.If I have to say, most of the people in this country would have given up on me pertaininga job that I had to do and I was doing it incorrectly.This person from China would not give up on me and I would not give up on him.Overall, we had become quite good friends and we never even met.Now if God is all light, who do you think had a hand in all of this?Intermingled with this complete teaching is the fact that we have free will.I recently completed a teaching on that subject.You can be prejudice and hateful or you can love and have kindness and forgiveness.It is up to your free will.


Now that we have a basic understanding of a charmer spirit and its purpose, letís do our very best to protect ourselves and counter what the spirit attempts to do.Weíre going to start out with a very basic Scripture that is very important to our renewed mind.It is so simple to obey, however in many ways, it is also very, very difficult.That is because the world has taught us the wrong way and the opposite way to handle most situations.I am talking about anger and a desire for revenge.Letís go to the Word and let God speak.


Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. -- Psalm 37: 8


Now in this teaching, I am running mostly from my heart/revelation. There are very few Scriptures in the Bible that speaks specifically about a charmer spirit.But these are the intricacies in which that spirit operates.In the first place, it almost always has to entail the emotion of anger.God says that we are to quit being angry and yet it seems to be one of the most difficult things that we can accomplish.Let me give you only one example Ė it is one that Iím sure you can identify with.You are driving down the road minding your own business enjoying the beautiful sunshine.All of a sudden, as it seems out of nowhere there is a tailgater about 2 feet away from your rear end and your traveling about 50 to 60 mph.How in the world are you to not get angry?I worked with this one problem in many areas of my life for many years and I became disgusted with my own reaction.I wanted to get out of my car and put that guy in a hospital even though I will go to jail.That is not the proper thing to do.You will get yourself in more trouble and you will regret it maybe for the rest of your life especially if that person sues you.I know a person that this happened to.I finally figured out with the help of somebody who was trying to guide me to control my temper.The best thing that you can do to not get angry in multiple situations is to do one major thing involving two miraculous super tremendous words:donít react.This takes the wind out of the adversary who was trying to aggravate you.I know it is difficult in the tailgate situation.But your reaction here can be a godly reaction and not devilish.When I see someone coming up on my rear end rather quickly, I know one thing for a certainty Ė they are a nutcase.You canít reason with someone who is insane.So hereís what I do.If I have any type of shoulder on the right side of the road,I pull my car off the road and I let them go by.This agitates the hell out of Satan.Because he could not get a reaction from me.This applies also in your home with your wife or with your children or with what your children are doing with other children.Strangely enough this thought just came to me.I had a girlfriend a long time ago who said that she admired something about me.I never really realized I did this.But when we were getting into an argument or one was festering, I got up from her home, I got in my car and I left.You see somehow, I stumbled on one of Godís principles and that principle is ďdonít reactĒ.By the time I got back to my girlfriendís home, she was settled down and so was I.


Let us go back to your own home situation.Let me assume that there are multiple arguments in your home and it is affecting your health in a negative manner.What you can do is get up and leave that atmosphere.Iíll bet you someone in your home will pick up on what youíre doing and also admire it.

I need to read another Scripture that just came to my mind.Actually, there are two Scriptures that work together and we are going to go to the church epistle of Ephesians.Remember the seven church epistles are written directly to you today.


Be ye angry, and sin not:let not the sun go down upon your wrath. -- Ephesians 4: 26


Neither give place to the devil. -- Ephesians 4: 27


First, letís examine verse 26 in detail.According to the closest available text of the Bible today, we need to understand the words ďBe ye angryĒ.It is difficult for me to explain this in detail to you so I will just tell you what it means.It means to have a continuous awareness of the old man.Remember, the old man is the one who was taught to be angry and to fight back.Well there is a difference here.There is nothing wrong with self-defense, but when you can turn your back on the devil when he is trying to agitate you, you should develop that habit pattern.Now why is the context of the verse talking about an awareness of the old man?Well, letís take a look at the first part of the verse.We just said that the old man often gets angry.Well, when you get angry when you should not be angry and it can be avoided, the verse says that it is sin.Can you imagine that?That is why I put that slight warning at the beginning of this teaching.Many new people getting involved in the Word of God for the first time may have some difficulties with this teaching.It is quite advanced, but in actuality it is very simple.I put teachings on my wall with tape as to what I feel I should teach next.This one teaching has been on my wall for a very long time.Do you remember, some of you advanced students, that I often told you that God has something done at the exact right moment in time?Well this is that time for this teaching.


Now we go to the last part of verse 26 and it said these words that baffled me for many years.Finally, God saw it fit that I understand what He means.It is very simple and I believe it will help you immensely.You do not let the sun go down upon your wrath.What this means is that you should never try to go to bed when you are angry.You will just lay there for hour after hour until you straighten out the problem.Itís a type of Proverb really and I think it is dynamic.You should never forget this simple principle and make sure that if you are married or you living with a friend, that you never have an argument or disagreement at the end of the day when you are about to go or try to go to sleep.I have woken up my wife time and time again because I was angry about something that she did or said.I was determined to straighten out the problem and I did, I believe every single time.Because when I went back to bed, I was able to fall asleep.Strange principles, arenít they?Damn devil spirit which is a charmer by nature is often the source of the problems that men and women have across this whole nation and world.Sure, some religious person will laugh at this teaching.Well, let him laugh his way to hell.I have seen firsthand what a charmer spirit can do to a family who overall loved one another greatly.Before I get into any type of devil spirit, I want to make sure that you understand that the spirit of God in Christ in you is greater than any and all devil spirits in the universe.


Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them:because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. -- I John 4: 4


Watch your pronouns.Who are we talking about when we use the pronoun Ďthemí?Them relates to all of the devil spirits that are in existence today.Godís Word says that we have overcome them.We win.Do you believe Godís Word?Then God goes on to tell you why we have overcome them.Because the Christ in you Ė the spiritual part of your being is greater that is in you than the spiritual garbage that is in the world.The last word world is referring to the world that the devil is presently operating.That means that you must be thinking here.The spirit of God in Christ in us can defeat any devil spirit operating in the world today.Thatís big, isnít it?It is so enormous that sometimes we cannot think to such a great extent.That is where we must renew our mind to Godís Word and that allows us to understand more and more spiritual knowledge.Now and finally, I am going to check some of my research materials to see if I can find anything specifically stated about this charmer spirit.If I did not study as long as I did all of these years, I would still be fooled by the operation of this deadly devil spirit.I know that every time I have a disagreement with my own wife, that it is a charmer spirit.That charmer spirit causes those disagreements.We either believe that we are greater than it or we let it defeat us.We have free will.A lot of times to understand Godís Word youíve got to put all of your pride on the shelf and leave it there.Humble yourself and get teachable and then God will open up the floodgates of your heart and your mind to understand such advanced spiritual principles.This teaching is not for the weak in heart.It could be one of the most advanced teachings that I ever taught before to anyone.When I taught at home fellowships or at any other time, I never felt it was the time to teach on such advanced subjects.I hate to say it, but I think this world is coming to an end and itís happening rather quickly.Itís time to take out the big guns.


Now we are finally going to examine some of the Scriptures that speak about this charmer spirit.One of the most misunderstood translations of the word charm is the fact that we may designate a person as being charming.This is a person who is nice to everybody and we may say that they have a lot of charm.Many times a woman can be referred to in this manner.But in the Word of God, we have a meaning for charming that is quite the opposite of what we may understand the word to be.In the first place, the Scriptures I am going to go over are speaking, in the context, of familiar spirits or wizards or something dealing with the occult.We should know by now that these are devilish subjects.Many people still study these subjects today.But Iíll mention it one more time, if we walk with the Word of God, God will always protect us from the influences that these people impose on others.There are not many Scriptures in the Bible that mention this subject.I was fortunate to take an Advanced class where I had to drive 3000 miles and we spent $1500 and the class was for three weeks.We were able to live in a dormitory of a college that was purchased by my ministry.This was where the advanced class was held.The founder of this ministry had passed away and we happened to take the last class that he taught.These are not coincidences.There is no such thing as coincidences and no such thing as luck.


And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof:and they shall seek to the idols, and to do charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards.-- Isaiah 19: 3


The context of this chapter is speaking about the idols of Egypt and how God shall move them at his presence.The heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it.I am simply condensing verse one of chapter 19.God says that He will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians and they shall fight everyone against his brother and against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.Now, you should read verse 2.Verse 3 is one of the few places in the Word of God that mentions the actual word ĒcharmersĒ.They fall very much in the category of idols.An idol or idolatry is anything that is put before God.This is an abomination to God Almighty.There is only one God, not three.That is one thing that God will not stand for and that is the worship of any type of god before Him.You should be able to clearly see the company that charmers keep.They are affiliated with familiar spirits, wizards, and the rest of the occult.


This charmer spirit sits like a diamond in the Word of God.I doubt if there are very few people who will either read or understand this teaching.In old English, we now know that the word charmer means a totally different thing than in our modern English language.


Now I would like you to go to Psalm 58 and read verses 1 to 3 by yourself.If you have done this, you will understand the context of the Psalm.You should remember by now that there are three ways that the Bible interprets itself and one of them is in the context.This context speaks of a heart that works wickedness and that as soon as a wicked person is born, he speaks lies.Obviously, this chapter speaks quite a bit about how the devil operates and how he influences man today.Remember, the Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever.Now I will start with verse four and lead us into verse five which backs up our teaching.


Their poison islike the poison of a serpent:theyare like the deaf adder thatstoppeth her ear; -- Psalm 58: 4


The next verse is a continuation of verse one.That is why you need to study the context of a chapter to rightly divide the Word of God.Now letís go to verse five.


Which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely. -- Psalm 58: 5


God is making a reference to those who walk uprightly and speak righteousness, which is the Word.These people will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely.Then that tells us that we can get Revelation from the true God, which is a still small voice.Or we can get wrong Revelation from another source which is the adversary.Notice at the end of the verse, that this adversary is very wise in the way that he will charm you.He will convince you that you need to act a certain way to defend yourself.And yet the Word of God says that we are to manifest love towards all people, no matter how ignorant they may be.Thinking no evil, as I mentioned many times before, is one of the most difficult parts of the renewed mind.You need to work at it and eventually improve upon it.


Going back to the book of Deuteronomy, I am going to share with you a group of advanced Scriptures.However, to help you learn Iím going to take you to chapter 18 and have you read verses 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.In those verses are mentioned a wealth of devil spirits and devil spirit activity.Do not let it scare you.The Christ in you is greater than every devil spirit that the enemy has.In particular and pertaining to our subject, Iím going to stress one Scripture.Now I just taught you about the context and what the context is of this particular section of this chapter.


Or a charmer, or a consultant with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. -- Deuteronomy 18:11


To make this as clear as I can, God is warning His believers and teaching about the devil spirit kingdom.But pertaining to our teaching, you can see in verse 11, that the word charmer is mentioned.You will have to believe me from my own experience that this charmer is disgusting in its operation.If the people under whose influence this charmer spirit is, that spirit will help things along to make it appear like these people get along so well.But then, through spiritual wisdom that he gets from the devil himself, he will influence something in their life to make them suspicious of one another and start arguing sometimes for hours and sometimes at a dangerous point.Think of this for a moment.Many men, even today, will use physical violence against their wives.Itís a horrible thing and you donít want to ever witness the aftereffects of this like I did.But then so often, you probably heard it on the stupid television, the woman does not want to press charges.Youíve got to see that this charmer spirit got in her head and told her to forgive him.That it was never going to happen again.Now there are certain things in this life that you can surely forgive, but someone who is physically abusing someone over and over again Ė theyíve got to go.I have seen two people that loved each other more than you can imagine and yet all they did was fight and fight and fight.Then they got divorced and stay divorced for most of their life.And then one of these people came to me and said:ďDid you know that I loved this person more than you can ever imagineĒ?I was shocked to hear this person tell me this.He lived in great regret and remorse and eventually he committed suicide.The other person turned into a hopeless alcohol and died as a result of her habit.And then I get a letter from a devilish woman who tells me I know nothing about alcoholism.I watched what it could do to a person for 30 years.She was a school teacher yet - teaching your children.My teaching on alcoholism will stay on the Internet forever.I knew I really got under Satanís skin.


This is all the result of a charmer spirit and you must not forget it as long as you live.You will not find this type of teaching about this subject anywhere on the Internet.


Anyway, I just want you to be blessed and to be aware of the adversaryís tactics and methods.Now you have something under your belt that no one else has taught you.Use it wisely.


Our next teaching will be similar but it will not designate one spirit.The devil is going about as far as he could go in this world right now.So like I said, itís time to bring out the big guns and weíre going to blast him off the face of the earth.Donít forget the third heaven and earth.It is coming and there will be no suffering and no sickness and no death.We as believers, have eternal life.Mostly all of the time, this is what you should be thinking of.


Set your affection [your thinking] on things above [spiritual matters], not on things on the earth.-- Colossians 3: 2