Exposing Satanís Newest Device



If I were to rename this teaching, I would call it ďDealing With The Devil In DetailĒ.The difference with this Bible Study site is that we do not water down the Word of God.We teach on revelant everyday subjects that have a direct and immediate effect on your everyday life.And this is one of them.


For we are not as many, which corrupt [water down] the word of God:but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. Ė II Corinthians 2: 17


Letís see if you can guess at the enemyís newest device to upset the human nervous system and take your peace away from you.


Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:not as the world giveth, give I unto you.Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid. Ė John 14: 27


If you are born again of Godís Spirit (Romans 10: 9, 10), YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO PEACE as a result of what Jesus Christ accomplished for you.Letís face it, the second arrival of Jesus Christ gets nearer and nearer every day.The devil knows he has less and less time left so he has been working at a frenzied pace to carry out his ministry which is to steal, kill, and destroy.His newest device is to STEAL and DESTROY your peace.The first solution to a problem is to admit and be aware that you have one.THEN and only then can you COUNTER the enemyís moves and destroy the effects and purpose of his activities and devices.We will first identify the problem and actually break it down into one simple, everyday word:




Oh, I know, this may seem harmless at first, but some of us know that it is not harmless, but a very serious problem not only psychologically but physiologically.This teaching is for those who are aware of the problem.All of the rest of you with your cell phones, leaf blowers, beepers on your vans, cars that blow their own horns, beepers on keys (which do NOTHING) owners of big trucks and youíre not even a contractor, and those of you who want everyone to hear your boom box stereo even though it is vibrating the insides of your vehicle apart, to name just a few Ė




If you continue to read it, you will get nothing out of it.Nothing Ė thatís what is between your ears so itís a perfect match.


With the world becoming worse and worse in this area of unnecessary noise, we must renew our minds and listen to God and He will tell us how to become more than conquerors dealing with these new methods and devices of the devil.


Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:because he trusteth in thee. Ė Isaiah 26: 3


Either itís true or itís a lie.If itís not true, then the whole Bible falls to pieces.I would rather stake my eternal salvation on what God says than what man says.

How do you stay your mind on God?Scripture retemory and praying in the Spirit are two of the best ways.Also, donít forget to keep God first (Matthew 6: 33) by studying and praying first thing in the morning.Then you will not be behind the eight ball all day with the enemy on your heels.You will be able to keep him beneath your feet where he belongs.Then and only then, you will be more than a conqueror and able to stay in perfect peace.I am only touching on one detail of the enemyís moves in this teaching, but you must keep God first every single day or the enemy will attempt to drive you to the point where you will break.Heed the warning.Godís Word was written for believers, not for unbelievers.Believe it AND act upon it and you will not have a problem.You may have some tribulation, but not more than God says you can handle.Fulfill the condition of keeping God first and this will be the result:


And the God of peace shall bruise (crush) Satan under your feet shortly (quickly).The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ bewith you.Amen. Ė Romans 16: 20


Before I get right in to actual details of Satanís newest device, let me obviate one thing from Godís Word.Donít you, as a believer, ever think that things are going to change.Donít ever let the world get friendly with you.It will set you up and then when you least expect it, it will take you down.


Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied. Ė Proverbs27: 20


Weíll start out with some of the more obvious and conclude with the more subtle forms of Satanís noise campaign.


By the way, by countering the adversaryís moves pertaining to this subject,I drove away a noisy neighbor (due to what he was doing on purpose) to the point where he moved. There are seven homes in my development.Six people moved away so far.So donít think I donít know what Iím doing Ė Glory To God.This is self-defense, not vengeance, remember the difference.


Leaf Blowers Ė this device takes exercise away from people.It steals.Notice that most users are overweight and avoid all physical exercise.This is very harmful to your health, obviously.At the time of this teaching, I am walking about 40 miles a week and my wife is a marathon runner with about 100+ trophies and medals.WE RAKE OUR YARD and have fun doing it.Who do you think will live longer Ė us or the neighbors?Leaf blowers are extremely noisy and disrupt your neighborsí peace and quiet.It is the epitome of rudeness.What you sow is what you reap. There is no escape.Youíve got it coming to you and youíll get it.


But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done:and there is no respect of persons. Ė Colossians 3: 20


The high winds of these machines can also damage grass and your eardrums unless you wear protection.So now youíve got the expense of buying a leaf blower, maintenance, gas and ear protection.I grab my rake!You have got to understand that when things lose their simplicity, YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE SOURCE.


Vehicle noise NONSENSE Ė understand that people who have rejected Godís Word by their own free will ARE STARVING FOR ATTENTION!!!!!They will do anything to get attention because they are very lonely, miserable people.Devil spirits can only parasite off of good, so they will go into their antics often when believers are present.You decide to go shopping to get away and get some peace.You park your car in a mall lot and one of the first things you hear is a ďBeep, beepĒ.It is coming from an idiotís car as they press some button on their key chain.It tells them their car is really locked and their lights also flash!Do you see how the devil can control people?Not only that, car companies appeal to a personís vanity and need for attention and the consumer PAYS FOR THESE NEEDLESS OPTIONS!!I sold cars before I went to Penn State.When I got a buyer like this in my office, that buyer wanting every option, worthless or not,I made my biggest commission on that person.Car companies love idiots. ††People like to buy trucks today to ďmake noiseĒ figuratively.Gas prices go up and up and people still buy big trucks and vans.The Word of God says that people without a knowledge of Godís Word wander aimlessly Ė ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.How stupid can people be?!!I bought two new simple vehicles loaded with usable features at an excellent price.Before that we drove a 12 year old car and my wife a 23 year old car Ė a Corvette that we maintained ourselves.You are still able to understand whatís under the hood in 1984.I can buy a new Corvette tomorrow, but listen to this.I know someone who bought one.It was literally falling apart.The outside sport mirror fell off!That was enough for me.The owner was actually depressed.While Iím on this subject, let me touch on this:


Back-up Beepers Ė are they really necessary and do they save lives?The statistics on these devices are not well known.But just think of all the MONEY $$$ the people are making that are manufacturing these beepers?Do you ever look behind the scenes?Did you ever wonder if the legislators who passed this law requiring these beepers got kickbacks from the companies who make them?The most annoying sound is to hear a constant beep in your ears as compared to the birds singing.†† Machine operators just love it.It calls attention to themselves.Is it worth the life of one person to disrupt the lives of millions and millions of people every day?You decide.Recently in Pennsylvania, a female road worker was run over by a dump truck that was backing up.The dump truck was equipped with a beeper and it was working.The worker still did not hear the beeper and was killed.Even some vans are equipped with these devices manufactured by Satan LLC.Itís getting worse and worse just like the Bible says it will.


Whereby (By which) are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises:that by these ye might be partakers of the corruption (getting worse, and worse, and worse) that is in the world through lust (over-desire). Ė II Peter 1: 4


Cell Phones Ė No longer do the days exist where you could shop in a mall, or relax in a restaurant or even walk down a sidewalk without the rude and loud conversation of someone talking on a cell phone.Guess what?A STATISTIC FOUND THAT ON 40% OF THE CELL CALLS SUPPOSEDLY MADE, THERE IS NO ONE ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE!!Again, thatís how desperate people are for attention.†† Can you imagine all the money these phone companies are making?I donít think you can.Everyone wants to feel important, but do it Godís way, not manís.Man will only make you look like a fool.Cell phones have also proven to cause many automobile accidents.Oh, look at me Ė how important I am.When you need a telephone to feel important, you are under the control of the god of this world.


In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. -- II Corinthians 4: 4


I can go on and on about this subject.We got along fine for many years without cell phones.What happened?The more and longer people reject Godís Word, the worse the world becomes.Prepare yourself for what is about to happen.Later on, I will show you ways to counter the moves of the adversary.Here is the gist of that action:Remember, people make noise to get attention.Donít give them any and they will starve and eventually go away and bother someone else.Remember, once you visually or verbally react, you make matters worse.God will tell you what to do.


Most noise comes today from all sorts of vehicle and motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVís) are no exception.


Motorcycles and ATVís Ė it always amazed me that if you had a tiny hole in an exhaust pipe or muffler on a car, the car would not pass inspection.It may cost you $200 to $400 to repair it.A car is not allowed to make very much of a rumble in the exhaust system or the law says the car exhaust is too noisy.But yet a motorcycle can make at least five times the amount of noise, if not more, and still pass inspection.HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?It doesnít!The world today lives by organized confusion.


I have neighbors that may be the rudest people on earth.They have about 4 ATVís and at least one small motorcycle.All the kids are under 16 yrs. old so they ride these vehicles around and around their yard which is somewhat large.They and the so-called parents have no regard for the neighbors.I had a difficult time with this.The so-called man of the house once told me that he couldnít care less for what any neighbor thinks about anything he does.That was his mistake.I will now tell you how I deal with this situation because God tells me something in Colossians that is available to me.


And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. Ė Colossians 3: 15


If God says to me to let the peace of God rule in my heart, then it must be available because God is not a man that He can lie.


After much thought and prayer, I realized the one thing I could not do was seek revenge.Donít ever forget this.


Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rathergive place unto wrath:for it is written, Vengeance ismine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Ė Romans 12: 19


So I realized that self-defense was and is a Biblical concept and I had to do something.I figured out a way to counter their noisy action AND get a lot of work done at the same time AND drown out the noise of their machines.I simply started to cut my grass when they were riding around as they purposely made as much noise as possible.I noticed they didnít like the sound of my lawn mower.I was getting my work done, drowning out their noise, and spiritually shutting them down.Understand I did not know this would happen UNTIL I ACTED FIRST.THEN God showed me.Donít ever forget that.You see, these people love to be rude and make noise regardless of people around them, but they donít like it at all when other people make any noise, even if itís necessary, like cutting my grass.


Now I should go on here to let you know that if you attempt to do what I did, do not have revenge on your mind, but you can defend yourself.In a few days and on a weekday afternoon, out came the ATVís.This was by permission of their mother.Well, isnít it something!I just happened to have my chainsaw all cleaned and tuned up with a new chain and ready to go.Yes, I did move my wood right next to their property line.I had to drown out their noise which was now getting out of hand.


Icranked up my chainsaw and went at it.I am quite experienced with a chainsaw and I can make it sing.Every time they rode near to me, I ran it at full RPMís.Ha!They didnít like that and to my surprise, they put the machines back in their garage.I finished my work, but something told me to get more wood out there to cut.They went somewhere with their mother for about 15 minutes in their truck and came back!Out came the ATVís again and I was ready with a new load of wood.I immediately came out with the chain saw blazing.Oh yeah!They quit riding again.WHY?Because they could notattract attention.My chain saw was drowning out their noise.They soon quit again.


Remember the difference between self-defense and revenge is very thin.Be sharp here.Am I prepared?You bet I am.My chain saw is just about ready to go Ė I put the gas in before Iím ready to start it.The numbers I need for a new chain are in my wallet in case I need one soon.Iíve got them.Do you see it?I found a way to counter the devilís moves and not get out of fellowship at the same time.Glory to God.He gave me the idea.And I have a few more that I wonít mention.You have got to understand that we are ALWAYS in a spiritual battle.We, as faithful believers, are always dealing with people who are influenced by devil spirits.Look, I didnít write the book.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places(from on high). -- Ephesians 6: 12


You can always beat your personal adversary IF you listen to and wait on God. God knows exactly what to do and He also knows exactly WHEN to do it.It was the latter part that I always had problems with.DONíT BE ANXIOUS.Move when God tells you move Ė when He gives you the green light.


Be careful (anxious or distracted) for nothing; but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Ė Philippians 4: 6


I would simply like to mention, in conclusion, a few of the other ways that I counter the adversaryís noise campaign.


At times whena neighbor is making unnecessary noise, you can turn on a kitchen fan or any type of fan in your home.The neighborhood I live in is quite noisy at times so I spent a few dollars on wax ear plugs which cut down about 70% of all noise.Whatever it takes Ė especially if I am preparing a teaching or studying Godís Word.Then again, noise outside is a great time for you to get some of your work done as I already mentioned.Wouldnít it be nice if everyone in a neighborhood cut their grass at the same time?Well, we can dream.You have to decide when to just block out other noise or to use your productive noise to block out theirs.Often, I wear headphones when I clean my cars.I dance and sing too.An enemy hates it with a passion when youíre having a good time.And he canít distract you with a good set of headphones on.


Remember, almost all people making senseless noise are doing it for attention.Show them absolutely no attention and watch what happens.You remember the neighbor I finally got to move away.Right up until the last minute, he was DESPERATE to attract attention by making noise.He suddenly had a big motorcycle in his yard and was revving up the motor over and over.I peeked through my shutters as I saw him looking over toward my windows trying desperately, and I mean desperately, to get a reaction.I gave him none.In a few days, he was gone for good.


I have also found that it is wise and effective to keep busy when there is a noisy atmosphere around you.DONíT STOP WHAT YOUíRE DOING and freeze in your tracks.That is the adversary roaring.If you stop dead, he can get you.Keep moving, doing your best to ignore his tactics.


People stand right in the middle of walking areas with their cell phones especially in shopping malls.I look the other way.I donít look at them.You couldnít give me a cell phone with free minutes for life.No one and no device takes my peace away form me and makes me look like a damn fool.If you NEED a cell phone, by all means, get one.But for those who donít, the devil is laughing at you because he has succeeded to make a total fool out of you.AND the communications companies are laughing their way to the bank.


To you, beloved believer, let God teach you ways to counter the enemyís newest device Ė noise.Remember God is always with you.Listen.


The sleep of a labouring man issweet, whether he eat little or much:but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep Ė Ecclesiastes 5: 12


Isnít that amazing?These rich people cannot sleep because they have too much money and no peace.But the man who works hard Ė his sleep is sweet because he has peace.Rich people who canít sleep dream up devices and evil inventions to pass on their misery to you.You can go along with it or you can counter it.


For to be carnally minded isdeath; but to be spiritually minded islife and peace. Ė Romans 8: 6