Pure Evil



There is only one source that I will refer to as pure and good or righteous and that is that Word of God as it was originally given to holy men of God as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.


For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man:  but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.  -- II Peter 1: 21


To help you with this verse, we are going to break it down.  The word ‘prophecy’ is referring to foretelling or forthtelling.  Foretelling is saying something that will happen in the future.  Forthtelling is saying something that is available right now at this present moment.  Most of the Bible is written this way – forthtelling.


The words ‘in old’ can be said or interpreted as ‘at any’.  Be careful to understand the word ‘moved’.  This means to be an inspired by God.  These holy men of God had free will to start or stop writing at any time.  The true God never oversteps your free will.  You have decisions to make every single day whether you are going to adhere to the Word of God or the word of men.  It may seem humorous that I have said to God many times that I wish I did not have free will.  I wished that I ‘had’ to listen to God.  Of course, God will not do this since He does not want us to love Him without a choice.  How can you actually call that love?  Also, as a final point, we can delete the words that are in italics which are ‘as they were’.   Remember, they were added by the translators and are not a part of the original Word of God.  So if you scratch them out, the verse still makes perfect sense -- maybe even more so.  So let's go back and do a literal translation of this verse.  It is not complicated.


Literal Translation according to usage:

For the prophecy (foretelling or forthtelling) came not at any time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake, moved by the Holy Ghost.  -- II Peter 1: 21


That prophecy is the only pure thing on the face of this earth. There are so many problems in this world today and they are worsening because people are turning to anything but the Word of God.  That is why we are experiencing this Corona virus – because of idolatry.  The mind of the unbeliever is contaminated and they cannot think clearly as a true believer who walks with God.  It has gotten so bad out in this present world that it even had me question my own sanity at times.  But yet I could not see conforming to the way people are.  They are rude, insensitive, violent, rebellious, idolatrous and so much more.  I wanted to set the foundation here for a teaching that I promised you a long time ago.  I was reading a different teaching a few days ago and I ran across my promise to you that I would teach on this subject.  So now we know where the Word of God originates.  Its source is the Holy Spirit and we know that that entity is perfect -- it is pure.  That settles it.  Anyone want to argue with that?  Then argue with God and don't argue with me.  Somebody found my e-mail address somehow and wanted to discuss issues -- can you imagine, issues about my website.  They specifically mentioned the teaching “Jesus Christ is not God”.  Do you think they wanted to discuss issues or do you think they wanted to argue with me?  Well, you cannot argue truth, you can only witness to it.  For the first time in about 15 years, I finally wised up and I simply did not answer this person.  It may take you a while to understand this, but I did the right thing.  Why or how, I am not at liberty to share with you.  But you know that I would not deceive you.  I have spent most of my life teaching people God's Word and I never asked for a penny in return.  I do this for God first and then for His people – you.  Now let me move on to the second Scripture which will tell you clearly who and what we deal with every single day.  Many of you will not believe it and that's your free will.  But to get the most out of this teaching, you had better believe the Scripture that I'm about to share and teach you in detail.


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  – Ephesians 6: 12


Now I need to give you a literal translation of this verse.


Literal translation according to usage:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual wickedness from on high.  – Ephesians 6: 12


This verse has so much spiritual knowledge in it that we must take it slow.  In the first place, and I don't mean to scare anybody, when we deal with people who do not renew their mind to the rightly divided Word of God, they are competing with people who are influenced by devil spirits.  We also compete with those spirits.  It is always a spiritual competition.  Some people will choose not to believe this, but as you put on more and more of the Word of God in your mind, you will see that this is true.  How?  Because God gives you the ability to look behind the scenes and see what is really happening.  We are in a spiritual conflict every single day.  You are up against PURE EVIL all of the time.  Oh, you may not see it because the adversary is a master of deception.  In fact, he will make you believe that his people and his revelation is from the true God.  Many times, we can be deceived and God's Word says so.  He says we will be deceived.  We will sin.  That's why He wrote I John chapter one so that we can get back in fellowship.  When I first learned this ‘Pure Evil’ concept, I knew it was true and it shook me a bit.  But when I began to believe it and apply it, I saw that it was true by example.  If you stand for the true God, you need to remember that the only friend you really have is God Almighty.  Everyone, and I mean everyone - these are people that you love - these are people that are part of your earthly family - these are people that you believe are your friends.  They most likely will turn on you at some point, for an unknown period of time, and you must be ready by understanding Ephesians 6: 12.


In summary of this particular verse, it tells you that these principalities and powers are pure evil.  And I want you to notice the part in the Scripture that says “the world rulers of the darkness of this age”.  Well glory hallelujah, do you know who these people are?  They are people just like us with one major difference.  They are not born of God's Spirit, they are born of the seed of the serpent -- they are born of the devil and believe me they are out there.  I will give you one most obvious example of one of these people and that person was Adolf Hitler.  There are people in positions of great power in this world that are born of the seed of the serpent.  The enemy can work in their mind to direct his spirits where the enemy wants them directed.  Pretty freaky, isn’t it?  I had a beloved coordinator at one time that said something that sounded really strange and somewhat ironic, but he was laughing as he said it.  He said thank God ‘bro’ for the adversary, that we stay in fellowship.  Well that was a strange thing but I knew the point he was trying to get across.  You walk away from the Word of God and the adversary will destroy your life in ways that you cannot imagine.  And why would you walk away anyway?  Turn back to the vomit of your old life and have it for breakfast, I guess.  Oh, you say to yourself:  “Hey man, I'm just too cool to be tricked.  I’m like a spiritual heavy so don't talk this trash to me”.  Let me tell you, you're going to be in for a surprise.  I am teaching God's Word for about 45 years now and many times I get this thought that I should give it a rest.  I think the website is just too big and it's time to quit.  I'll just lay back and make myself a nice wine cooler and watch some television.  You know.  I did all I could for God.  I just can't do anymore.  Why, what a bunch of crock that is.  Do you know how many times that thought has permeated my thinking lately?  You think you can't be tricked.  Take a look at all that I have done -- you don't know the half of it.  And still at times that pure evil tricks me into thinking and doing things that are contrary to God's Will.  It's really something.  It's really something that I just can't explain it to anybody.  You stand on the Word and you do what you do best for God and you never stop.  I told you before that the enemy defeats himself.  He's played this trick on me so many times that he just can't do it any longer.  I will teach the Word of God until I take my last breath or until Jesus Christ returns.  The pure evil of the devil can be very strong only if you let it be.  If we can only stay humble all of the time, we would reap great benefits.  But remember also, that if we sin, and then get back in fellowship, those benefits return.  When I saw the promises that I made to my readers while doing this teaching, I said to myself, am I really doing the right thing?  Should I be backing off?  Should I go on vacation?  Let’s take a look at Romans.


And the God of peace shall bruise [crush] Satan under your feet shortly [quickly].  The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be  with you.  Amen.  – Romans 16: 20


Now if you don’t understand how God truly works, you’re going to run into some problems.  Now what does I John 1: 5 say?  C’mon, look it up.


If God is all light, then how can He crush anyone?  Satan crushes himself because the laws of God also apply to him.  Are you getting it?  The adversary or Satan is harming God’s people whenever he can when they are out of fellowship.  So what happens?  God’s laws kick in such as the law of giving equals receiving and the wrong that Satan does comes back to him.  It’s a law and it cannot be broken or altered in any way.  It works with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision every time – no exceptions at any time!


It can be said the following way:  God ALLOWS the adversary to be crushed and He ALLOWS it to happen quickly.  But the adversary brings it on himself.


Now, can you even begin to imagine all the wrong the adversary has done since the beginning of time?  There is absolutely no chance – NONE WHATSOEVER, for a reconciliation to be possible.  The adversary then, rightly addressed, has put himself  in the category or classification of PURE EVIL.  His chances of survival in the future are like a snowball in hell in July.  Everything about the adversary is PURE EVIL --unadulterated and possessing no admixture – only contamination and corruption – stealing, killing, and destroying.  (See John 10: 10a)


Until the return of Jesus Christ, the adversary very much emanates a certain movie character – if you can call it that.  This will help simplify things with an analogy almost everyone can relate to.


The Terminator was a robot programmed to do only one thing – kill a certain person.  And it had great powers, didn’t it?  No matter what, that machine was going to push towards its goal.  After it was blown up and even crushed in a machine, IT STILL TRIED TO ESCAPE TO KILL THIS PERSON.  Tell me you’re not familiar with the movie.


Now simply try to relate this Terminator machine to the adversary.  Their overall purpose was basically exactly the same, only the adversary is after every person on earth and he also has an army of devil spirits to help him.  If you don’t know that the Christ in you is GREATER than this power, you’re in for a very tough time to make an enormous understatement.  I can only hope that this example will help people of all ages to understand the PURE EVIL of the enemy and that you need to avoid and ignore him whenever possible.


This pure evil that presently runs this world (see I Corinthians 4: 4) is a master of trickiness and deception.  He lures people, deceives people, whispers sweet destruction in their ears and provokes men to violence.


I want to touch on the latter for you men out there.  Someone called my uncle a ‘dirty ginny’ once in a parking lot.  My uncle walked over to him and blasted him one time in the face.  It cost MY UNCLE about $800 for that punch.  This was about 50 years ago.


A great man who had much experience in this subject finally learned something and shared the following with me -- so very important.  God had grace on me.


Violence is the epitome of danger.  You can be crippled, sued and spend your time reading a lot – IN JAIL!!………….. JUST TO MENTION A FEW NEGATIVES.  Here was the advice:


“The smart man walks away – but it’s a tough pill to swallow.”


Man, it’s tough.  I did it once and glory hallelujah, my wife was proud of me.  That person seems embarrassed and doesn’t come near me and I avoided a possible horrendous situation with disastrous implications.  How wrong you can be when you think you are right.  There’s no profit in violence and the whole situation was provoked by:




The word specifically says we are not to be brawlers.  Self-defense is a totally different concept.


I stressed mainly three Scriptures, but the point was made.  You avoid the adversary, his methods and devices and his people.  Stay in fellowship and the devil can’t touch you.  He can’t touch you.


Three verses and the number three in the Bible represents ‘completeness’.  You are completely, completely, absolutely complete in Him.  (See Colossians 2: 10)  Let me close with the literal of that verse for you:


Literal translation according to usage:

And ye are completely, completely, absolutely complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:  -- Colossians 2: 10


Are we complete?


So we cannot be lacking anything.