Be Anxious or Distracted for Nothing


Be careful [anxious or distracted] for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication [be specific] with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Ė Philippians 4: 6

Although we are going to focus specifically on the first part of this verse, most Christians do not realize that the key to getting answers to prayer is not only to believe, but to be SPECIFIC. I know of a woman who prayed to God for an apartment with curtains. But Ďcurtainsí just wasnít enough Ė she wanted red curtains.Guess what color the curtains were in the apartment she found?

The world is designed to make you anxious and distracted and to take your peace away from you. People, by their own free, will choose to be evil and to lead a lifestyle that mostly contradicts Godís statutes. This results in anxiety. Let me give you an example that may surprise you.

Did you know that your mind can think on only one thing at a time? Try thinking of a car and a computer AT THE SAME TIME. You cannot do it. God designed your brain this way. By thinking of only ONE thing at a time, and knowing and applying Godís Word in your life, you can experience peace, the peace of God which passes all your understanding. Thatís the next verse that follows Philippians Chapter 4: 6 above.

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall [absolutely] keep [guard] your hearts and minds [thoughts] through [in] Christ Jesus. Ė Philippians 4: 7

Apparently, the peace of God is available to people today. Can you imagine how profitable and in demand a pill would be that could promise peace? It will never happen. Only Godís Word will guarantee true peace.

Letís get back to the Ďone thought at a timeí situation. You may never guess my example. It is a box or now a flat screen that is one of the greatest influences on peoplesí minds in the world today Ė television. Did you ever notice how fast the pictures move and change especially during advertisements? Guess what? Youíre mind cannot think that fast. It is a scientific, psychological fact that a person can watch certain television shows and their anxiety level will increase. When your mind cannot move as fast as each screen, what is the result in your brain? ANXIETY. Does that mean you can never watch television? I didnít say that. I keep the remote in my hand and often mute as many advertisements as possible. Less garbage in by your five senses, the better.

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Ė Ephesians 2: 2

The present god of this world is the prince of the power of the air. He works in the children of disobedience. Disobedience to what?! To Godís Word. This includes newspapers, television, radio and the internet. But God finds ways for the true Christian to make the best use of everything in this world. Remember the following Scripture:

And they that use this world, as not abusing it:for the fashion of this world passeth away. Ė I Corinthians 7: 31

Use this world for the purposes of the true God Almighty and Father of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. But donít abuse it Ė donít get hung up on worldly things beyond your need.

Iím listening to music right now with headphones on so as not to be distracted by some of the many noises around me. Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed wackers, thumping music etc., etc. If I allow it, I will be bombarded with noise which will increase my anxiety level. Donít people realize that disturbing a neighborís peace and quiet is wrong and falls in the category of being evil? Everyone pays for the wrong that they do. If youíre one of them, then donít wonder why you can never experience peace. When you leave yourself open to the god of this world, the true God actually allows Satan to bring serious calamities upon people. The true God is all light Ė he canít harm anyone ever. He would have to contradict His Word. God is not a man that He can lie.

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. -- I John 1: 5

Referring back to the fact that I mentioned music, I should stress that I know when to stop the music thing. Most secular music, listened to over a long period of time, will CAUSE ANXIETY. Knowing this makes all the difference. Also, anything taken to an extreme will result in anxiety. Thatís another major key that you need to know, understand and apply.

Have you ever strived to have a good positive attitude during the day? Then you pick up a newspaper or watch the 6 oíclock news? What happened? The world thrives on negatives. You need to strive and work at keeping a positive attitude or Satan will rip it from you. You need to know Scriptures for every single situation in life. I have learned about 100 Scriptures by heart so that I donít need my Bible with me all the time. I carry the Word of God in the fleshly tables of my heart. No one can take it from me. I run Scriptures through my mind all day every day depending on the situation. Here is what God wants us to think on.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things arehonest, whatsoever things arejust, whatsoever things arepure, whatsoever things arelovely, whatsoever things areof good report; if therebe any virtue, and if there beany praise, think [or speak] on these things. Ė Philippians 4: 8


Think and speak on these things.

I learned a renewed mind principle a very long time ago. Iím going to share a dynamic key with you that, if applied, will help you to overcome the negatives with which we are encased.

Avoid all people, places, circumstances, and

situations that tend to make you negative.

Start off slowly. Do you know a place, person or activity right now that seems to make you negative Ė that bums you out Ė that causes you ANXIETY? Try to avoid it. Go ahead Ė give it a try. And when you start to feel better, you thank God and not me.

Everything you read here will conflict with what worldly people will teach you. Misery does love company Ė an old clichť, but true. ITíS NEVER GODíS WILL FOR YOU TO BE IN A HURRY. The world will always pressure you and give you anxiety. My wife and I learned some basic rules about being in a hurry especially while working. Taking short cuts is almost always a mistake. We learned this time and time again while working any job at all. EVERY TIME WE TAKE A SHORTCUT BECAUSE WEíRE IN A HURRY TO GET THE JOB DONE, WE MESS SOMETHING UP!!! Every time! You can learn by listening to God or by experience Ė itís up to you. Listening to God saves you a lot of grief and time. But experience will teach you also. I chose experience to learn from instead of just listening to Godís Word and adhering to it. As a result, Iíve been to hell and back. Thatís one of the reasons I teach Godís Word. Many times, itís so you wonít make the same mistakes I made.

Self-control and mastery of self only comes from Godís Word Ė every facsimile is a counterfeit and there are good counterfeits out there. Be sharp. If itís not based on Godís Word rightly divided, itís from hell. One of the worst devilish counterfeits is hypnotism. The person who is the hypnotist and the person who allows him or herself to become hypnotized becomes POSSESSED. Thatís right. I had a close family member become hypnotized to quit smoking. I never knew that person again. I have become completely alienated from this person Ė permanently. Top of the Ďavoidí list. Meditation is from hell Ė it opens your mind to infiltration from devil spirits. Yoga is another one. Try Scripture retemory in the place of this nonsense. Dianetics is from hell. I tried most of these worldly and devilish methods and devices. I have had countless experiences. When I got introduced to Godís Word, God BLEW ME AWAY. I said God, this is it. I work for you for good. Drinking can become addictive allowing possession. Drugs are pathetic Ė most patients in mental hospitals are there due to drug use. I know Ė I worked in a State Hospital. Most churches and so-called Bible groups teach religion and menís traditions Ė NOT Godís Word. Thereís almost nothing worse than politics and religion Ė keep away. And if youíre thinking fileo or worldly love will give you peace, youíre in for a surprise. Itís temporary. You ought to meet a man or woman that manifests agape Ė Godís love and youíll meet a real man or woman that will make you feel like youíre walking on a cloud 24/7. Itís unexplainable.

Letís go to three Scriptures in Romans that will appear like a dream. They changed my life forever and gave me my start in defeating anxiety and distractions. It took me a while, but I learned these Scriptures by heart.

For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I. Ė Romans 7: 15

If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it isgood. -- Romans 7: 16

Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. Ė Romans 7: 17

What is one of the main causes of anxiety? It is doing things that you Ďreallyí do not want to do. How often do we do this? It is something that we need to renew our minds to and, for some reason, it seems difficult. The Word of God says that the things I really want to do, I donít do. However, the things that I hate, that is what I do in my life. Then, if that is the case, it is really not myself that is doing these things, it is sin that dwells in me. So the influence is not from God. Then it is from another source. These Scriptures are quite amazing when you really understand them. It is Godís Will for you to do things in your life that you really want to do. Can you imagine if you always did what you really wanted to do? By keeping God first, you can live this type of lifestyle. It seems too good to be true. But it is the truth of Godís Word. Many people work jobs they hate, fellowship with people with which they have nothing in common, and do things to themselves that are self-destructive. This happens when we donít abide by Godís Word, but by our five senses.

You should be familiar with the term fellowship with darkness. It is referring to a believer hanging out and keeping company with an unbeliever. Proverbs gives the result.

Ifa wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there isno rest. Ė Proverbs 29: 9

There is no rest. That means there could only be anxiety. So if you want to, keep company with unbelievers and Godís Word says you will have no rest. God always gives us free will and never oversteps it. When you hear people say, God took this from me or God took that from me, itís nonsense. God never forces a man or woman to do anything. He, of course, will help you and guide you, but He NEVER FORCES YOU. God wants your love because you choose to love and obey Him. Would you want to have a robot programmed to love you? Could you even say that this is the definition of free-will love?!! Of course not.

Letís review some major points so that you can achieve a starting point and learn how not to be anxious or distracted. First and foremost:

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Ė Matthew 6: 33

This is requirement number one. Seek anything else first and everything will be subtracted from you.

Again, learn Philippians 4: 6 by heart and repeat it to yourself every time you feel anxious or distracted. Thereís power in the rightly divided Word of God spoken on the lips of believing believers.

Be careful [anxious or distracted] for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication [be specific] with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Ė Philippians 4: 6

Understand that the world is designed to make you anxious by bombarding your mind with multiple thoughts at one time. Remember, God designed our minds to think on only one thought at a time. Any other way of thinking results in anxiety.

The only way you can ever have true peace is by knowing and applying the accurate Word of God. Everything else is a counterfeit peace. Review, above, all the different counterfeits I mentioned and donít forget them. There are many more.

Who works in the children of disobedience? Review Ephesians 2: 2. Extremes of any type will cause anxiety. Use the world, donít abuse it. Donít be in a hurry. Plan ahead of time so that you can relax as you go about your day.

God tells us what to think and speak on. Letís review that Scripture.

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things arehonest, whatsoever things arejust, whatsoever things arepure, whatsoever things arelovely, whatsoever things areof good report; if therebe any virtue, and if there beany praise, think [or speak] on these things. Ė Philippians 4: 8

Avoid all people, places, circumstances, and situations that tend to make you negative.

This could be a very good starting point for you. This is not hard to do and it will bless you.

Another goal that coincides with this principle is to stop doing things that you hate to do and start doing the things you really want to do. [See Romans 7: 15, 16, and 17] Believe it or not, that is what God wants for His kids. This would be another very good starting point.

Keep away from evil people Ė they will give you no rest Ė only anxiety.

I would like to keep this simple so that there is not too much information for you to comfortably apply. If you doubt that you are capable of accomplishing these goals, do not. Remember what Godís Word says.

I can do all things through Christ which [who] strengtheneth me. Ė Philippians 4: 13

Literal translation according to usage:

I am ready for everything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me. Ė Philippians 4: 13

And finally, as only God can say it:

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them [negatives]: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Ė I John 4: 4