False Teachers

1)  Grace-Perverters


For such are  false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  -- II Corinthians 11: 13

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  – II Corinthians 11: 14

This study should answer your questions as to why your prayers are not being answered.  Also, it should tell you why you are not living the more than abundant life in all categories of your life.

I was fortunate to learn from a ministry that rightly divided God’s Word.  However, I did search and learn about many other different types of religions and ministries that are out there in the world today.  If I must say, you are fortunate to have found this website.  It should tell you that you are very important to God.  You want to know His Word rightly divided - no guesswork.  I have endeavored with all my heart, mind, and strength to present this rightly divided Word of God to you.  The problem with false teachers is that they really do not do enough research about the Scriptures that they are teaching.  The god of this world likes that situation.  If people do not learn the true and correct meaning of the Scriptures, they will never see the results that God intended for them to experience in their life.

I have listened to many preachers and so-called ministers on television and on the Internet and I always find something that is wrong with a major subject of the Bible they are attempting to teach about.  I wish this were not the case, but it is.  So in this teaching we are going to talk about a characteristics of false teachers of the Word of God.  This will help you to identify and separate truth from error.

Before I begin, I will give you a few short examples of being able to recognize a false teacher.  One of the first things I look for is the question “who is Jesus Christ”.  When these preachers teach that Jesus Christ is God, I know that they are completely out of line and they have not studied the Scriptures deeply enough to see that there are 50 Scriptures that say that Jesus Christ is the son of God and not God.  So I do not continue to listen to anything they have to say.  Why?  If you believe that Jesus Christ is God, you cannot be born again of God’s spirit.  I have a teaching on the subject and it does cause some controversy.  Absolute Bible Study teaches what the Word of God says.  It is based on many years of research.  So we do not guess at the Word.  This is referred to in the Bible as private interpretation - guesswork.

Another subject that I watch out for and this is really devilish, is when people teach that the dead are alive.  The dead are dead and will stay that way until Jesus Christ returns the second time.  It’s that simple.  I also have a teaching on that subject.

Let him that is taught the word communicate [share fully] unto him that teacheth in all good things.  -- Galatians 6: 6

If a ministry is large enough, it is perfectly fine and biblically correct to support that ministry financially.  Everything we receive from God is by grace.  Grace can be defined as divine favor.  There are many people do not believe in or even understand grace.  These are the teachers that you must watch out for and avoid.  It is very true that many times all they really care about is passing around the basket and getting your money.  I have to say this even though I don’t want to judge anybody, but I am not.  I am simply stating facts.  There is a preacher, a woman, very popular on television and in other presentations that she gives in very large auditoriums.  People go to her and believe in her to a great extent.  She has the ability to be a very good speaker and to teach on topics that people want to hear about.  The problem here lies in the fact that she has all of her clothes custom made.  Just think about that for a minute.  She also has Lear jets – not one but two.  I guess if one gets dirty, you can use the other one.  But to me, it’s just not right.  Some preachers want to become celebrities and let me tell you something, the love of money is the root system of all evil.  Obviously, that person takes the tithes and offerings and spends them on personal items.  Items that are not really needed.  What do you think?  Someone tried to get me to go to one of her meetings once and I turned down the invitation.  This type of stuff is very deceiving.  So you should look for that if you’re listening to other ministers and not putting your time into this website.  You could be taken for a ride and you don’t even know it.  That is Satan’s key to success – the secrecy of his moves. 

Be not deceived; God is not mocked:  for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  -- Galatians 6: 7

God is saying about these false teachers that are grace–perverters that they will get their day.  This principle, to me, is one of the greatest and most dynamic principles in the Word of God.  If everyone understood this principle, there would not be one problem on the face of this earth.  What you give out always comes back to you.  You cannot escape this principle.  It works with a mathematical exactness and scientific precision every single time.  If you hurt someone and years go by and nothing happens, believe me, your time will come and you will get it back.  I experienced this myself many times before I was born again of God’s’ Spirit.  All the problems in this world are the result of people doing wrong things that contradict God’s guidance.  Then we wonder why there are so many problems in this world.  Well, that is the reason and it just blows my mind to understand it and to teach this principle.  Its importance is magnanimous.  No one escapes this law of God.  It applies to everyone every day forever so if you are doing wrong things, you better stop.  Because you’re going to pay and it is going to hurt like heck.  I am trying to help you.  Let’s be good Christians and not do the wrong thing.  We need to know what the Word of God says and then we are to apply it.  That way you will see the more than abundant life come into concretion in everything that you do.  God gives us all free will.

For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.  -- Galatians 6: 8

There it is, what I just said in the last paragraph.  If you live a worldly life by the flesh, which is the five senses, you will reap corruption in your life.  It may not come immediately, but you can believe that it is coming.  And then in contrast to that God says that if you adhere to the Spirit, which is the Word of God, you shall, as a result, reap life everlasting.  And that is referring to the more than abundant life in every category.  All that we have to do is to believe and act on the written Word of God and we’ve got it made. 

Now to sum up this subject concerning grace, I am going to quote you three Scriptures that specifically relate to this subject of grace-perverters.

I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.  – Galatians 1: 6

Galatians is referred to as a correction epistle.  People were getting away from the Word in Romans to such an extent that they were starting to practice erroneous doctrine.  Paul was writing to the Galatians and reminding them that everything they received was by the grace of Christ and here they were beginning to worship another gospel.  They were perverting the true Word of God.  Paul said that he was amazed that this was happening.  So you must remember that there is an enemy out there and he is very persuasive.  I always said that if you think you cannot be tricked, you already have been.  So just be as sharp as you can and do the best that you can and God will then do the rest.  The next verse expounds on the subject.

Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.  -- Galatians 1: 7

Here, Paul is saying to the Galatian church that there are some false teachers that are troubling you that care less if they pervert the true gospel of Christ.  Paul is warning them that they are being fooled by certain people who are enemies of the true God.  I have to tell you this because I experienced this one time in my life.  A believer from very far away used to call me up and talk to me on the telephone.  She gave me more praise than I ever got in my lifetime.  She was thrilled with the teachings beyond what I thought was possible.  It was refreshing and how can I complain about that.  However, the glory always goes to God.  She began to attend certain fellowships that were off the true Word.  I mean it was really off.  When you speak in tongues and interpret in a believer’s meeting or you prophesy, each one of these manifestations are done only three times - never more.   I warned her that this was way off from what the Word of God says in Corinthians.  They were doing this 5 and 6 times each.  I found out later that she was still attending these meetings against my advice.  Well, the first thing that happened was that she lost her job.  Of course I felt bad for her and I wanted to help her.  Now get this.  I wrote to her in an e-mail and one of the things that I said was “Are you okay?”  Well she went ballistic because of those three words.  You see she is not thinking rationally because she was going to a church meeting that was devilish.  Satan can run these meetings and he often does.  She wrote back to me and I could tell she was in a rage in her mind.  She tried to make it appear like I said she had no belief in God to help her.  That was it for me.  You see you got to know when to get away from people like that.  The whole thing from the first day she called me was a counterfeit – a well-designed setup.  I don’t dislike or hate anybody.  Would I sit here hour after hour, day after day, month after month, and year after year doing these teachings and giving them away for free?  You see I don’t have a Lear jet.  I take no tithes from anyone.  When this person continued to go to these meetings, she was slowly becoming influenced by these counterfeit teachings.  This makes me very angry because I should’ve seen it coming and made an attempt to stop it completely.  We, as believers, get into these situations sometimes.  You just have to get away and pray to God as to what you should do.  I did this and God told me to just keep away and never go back.  I hate when Satan rips people off.  But this person had her own free will.  Even though I tried to warn her as best I could, she went against what I told her.  I am 100% sure that God told me to try and help her.  There’s one thing you need to watch when you first get involved in the Word of God.  Watch out for the head trip where you think you could conquer anything.  You need to slowly renew your mind and if someone is giving you advice and you know it is true in your heart, you listen or you are going to face the consequences.  So the people who were teaching this manifestation error, they are false teachers.  And they are out there, there are many of them.  But if you walk with God as I try to always do, it doesn’t bother you in the least bit.  Satan has a ministry to steal, kill, and to destroy.  He comes after me many times and I just laugh in his face because I know what the Word says.  The power of God within me is greater than the power of the god of this world.  I will say that many times when I am in the ring with Satan, I just love it.  As a great believer once said to me, what good is the power of God inside of us if we don’t get a chance to use it?

In conclusion, Paul told the Galatians, which was part of the Church of the body of Christ, of which we are a part:

But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.  – Galatians 1: 8



Note:  There was so much information about grace–perverters that I will continue this subject on false teachers.  There are actually nine more characteristics about false teachers, so in the future, you can look for these teachings.  They will be placed in order in the Basics section of this website.