This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.-- I John 5: 5


If you will notice, I am focusing on the subject that can be referred to as the Basics of the Word of God.If you have been following along with most of these teachings, you will remember that I mentioned the extreme importance of knowing and practicing the basics of Godís Word.Once we lose the basics, we lose everything.I mentioned to you that this happened to me in the ministry that taught me almost everything that I know.People and leaders got away from the basics of the Word and the ministry fell to pieces.Many basics may be understood by some of you, but to many people, they still do not understand the basic principles and nature of Godís Word.


Let me start off with an example.Although my heart goes out to them, many people will lose a child or a loved one due to an accident or disease.What is one of the first things that they say?Why did God take my loved one away from me?†† God never takes anyone away from anyone.God does not kill people.Would you worship a God that kills people?I wouldnít.It is the god of this world that steals, kills, and destroys.Letís take a look at what the Word says.


The thief [the devil] cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:I [referring to Jesus Christ] am come that they might have life, and that they might have itmore abundantly.-- John 10: 10


Can God put it any simpler than this?And yet there are people out there who do not know a thing about Godís Word and they still blame God for disasters and situations where people lose their lives.Whether you want to hear it or not, it is the devil that kills people.He is the author of death.It is the devil that destroys people, places, and things.You need to understand something that is not exactly basic.When an area is infested with sin, the devil goes to God and he says that those people are living in sin and will not turn to your ways.By all rights, from a spiritual point of view, the devil has the right to oppress those people and thatís why he brings so much destruction and death to so many people.This may be hard for you to understand, but it takes a renewed mind in one single area to understand it.Believe it or not, God is even just to the devil.He is fair to the devil and the devil goes to him and says ďHey look Ė these people are way out of line.Donít I have every right to afflict them?ĒAnd God allows it to happen.But it is not God himself who brings the destruction and death upon people.It is the devil himself because it is his ministry to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.Itís that simple.


Another lack of renewed mind in many people is where they believe that they can no longer sin once they are born again of God spirit.It is true that we cannot sin in the spirit which is within us, but we still can sin in the flesh by not doing and applying Godís Word in our everyday lives.Letís go back to I John.


If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:-- I John 5: 6


You must understand these basics and the fact that fellowship is a fluctuating state, while Sonship is permanent.God is trying to say to us that if we are in fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we are liars and we do not speak the truth.


But if we walk in the light, [scratch ďas he is in the lightĒ Ė it is not in the critical text] we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.Ė I John 5: 7


The last word in the verse is ísiní and it is referring to broken fellowship.What is broken fellowship?It is living your life according to the world and not according to the Word.So in contrast to this, if we walk in the light we will have fellowship with God Almighty because God is all light and love.The blood of Jesus Christ is a figure of speech referring to Jesus Christ giving his life for us.Why do you think the book of I John was written?God gave us a way out if we sin in the flesh.All that we need to do is to go to Him with a sincere and true heart and tell him that we are sorry for what we did.God will immediately see that you are back in fellowship and harmony with Him.That is how much God cares for us.God knows we are going to make mistakes at times and our walk with Him will not be perfect, but we can improve it more and more each day.To me, the key to the more than abundant life is to break fellowship with God less and less and less.God, who is all light has something else to say about this subject.Remember, these are all basic principles that you should know without a second thought.


If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.Ė I John 1: 8


God is simply trying to say that if we tell Him that we have no sin, we are a liar.We are going to sin somewhere in our lives and we need to go to God and confess those sins.This is in the next verse and itís all designed so that we can walk with God who is all light and we ourselves will reflect that light to others.


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us oursins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.Ė I John 1: 9


This verse is directed to a person who has already been saved.When things are going wrong in your life and everything seems to be a mess, you are more than likely out of fellowship with God.You have sinned somewhere in your life and many times that sin is very deceptive Ė it is hiding away somewhere in your mind.But when you feel terrible, it is an obvious sign that you are out of fellowship.†† And God being so full of light and love, always makes a way for us to get back in fellowship and harmony with Him and all we have to do is to confess our sin to Him and He will cleanse us from that unrighteousness.It is just like starting off with a clean slate.†† Hopefully we will learn from that sin and not do it again.It made us quite miserable and we donít want to be miserable Ė we want to be blessed and to live the more than abundant life.


If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.Ė I John 1: 10


Let us study this verse for few moments.First of all, the phrase, we make him a liar, is a figure of speech used for emphasis.No one on this earth can make God a liar.If this were true then how can God be all light?It is stressing the depth and importance of the statement that we may all sin at some point in our life and to say that we donít, we make a ridiculous statement that we are making God a liar.Every man on the face of this earth will sin at some point and time in their life.The actual figure of speech that is used here is called an Idiom and it means ďattempt toĒ.


Now the verse will make much more sense to you.If we say that we have not sinned, WE ATTEMPT TO make God a liar.Maybe some of you will see from this example why I have stressed the fact that you need to learn figures of speech that are used in the Bible.Much of the Word will open up to you as you can see from this example.


Now letís take one more look at the last two words in verse 10.The words Ďin usí mean ďin our mindsĒ.You must always remember that the battlefield is between the ears.This is where we renew our mind to Godís Word.The renewed mind combined with the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation is the only thing that changes a person.There is nothing else that will change a person except the renewed mind and the love of God in that renewed mind in manifestation in your life.


I wanted to cover the first epistle of I John because it talks about Godís light and about us walking in that light.From this point on we will use some different examples from Godís Word which will illustrate that God is all light.


There are two of my favorite Scriptures that talk about and compare and contrast light with darkness.The subject matter has to do with a person who fellowships or hangs around with people whose hearts are full of darkness.I have learned both of these Scriptures by heart.They clearly illustrate the benefits of walking with the light of Godís Word.


Be ye not on equally yoked together with unbelievers:for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?And what communion hath light with darkness?-- II Corinthians 6: 14


This is such a clear illustration pertaining to the light of Godís Word.God is telling us not to fellowship with unbelievers.Why?Because you cannot link or have any similarity between what is righteous and what is unrighteous.They just do not go together.And then God goes on again to make basically the same statement but to word it differently.God says what communion is there between light and darkness?


What many believers to do, without thinking that it does any harm, is to hang around with people who are not Christian believers, but who care less about the things of God.These believers will get out of fellowship and they will sin, as we discussed in the previous section.God is all light and He makes a clear distinction between light and darkness.We all have free will and if we want to fellowship with darkness, we can do that.This will be to our detriment and we will suffer for transgressing the Word of God.


There is the light of God and the darkness of the world.What you should always remember is that light makes manifest darkness.If a believer gets to know me well enough, the light of the Christ in me will eventually bring out the darkness that is in a person.It makes that darkness manifest and many times what happens is that person will, all of a sudden, not like you or they will find something wrong with you.This has happened to me if I were to fellowship with an unbeliever.I am not going to say that this is a very easy renewed mind principle to master.You should keep in mind that you can talk to and have certain relations with others, but not to the point where youíre fellowshipping with them.Let me give an example that is clearer.You find out that someone that you know quite well is an unbeliever.They have nothing to do with God in their life.Now on a Sunday afternoon, they invite you over to their home to watch a football game.You need to gracefully excuse yourself from this invitation, because you will eventually face consequences by becoming so friendly with an unbeliever who is not interested in the things of God.


And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.-- Ephesians 5: 11


Here God is saying basically the same thing as in II Corinthians.He is trying to express the importance of not fellowshipping with the unfruitful works of darkness.By unfruitful, He means that they serve no good purpose, but actually they serve the god of this world.Then God goes on here to say something extra.Not only are we to avoid these people, we are to reprove them.We are to show them from the Word that they are living a worthless life and that they need to be born again.This can be done gracefully and with gentleness and wisdom.


So here we have two Scriptures that compare and contrast the light of Godís love and the darkness of the world.If God is all light and He is, then we are to imitate God.We must watch ourselves and our activities carefully in this world.Letís look at a verse thatís also in Ephesians chapter 5.


See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.-- Ephesians 5: 15, 16


We are to walk wisely and not as a fool making the best use of our time, because the days are evil.Every day, we get closer and closer to the return of Jesus Christ.The devil knows this and he is working overtime to deceive as many people as possible.God is all light and we need to walk with Him and not like a fool.We are to be wise and to live our lives for God.There is no time or room for darkness in our lives, but we are to walk by the light of Godís Word.And remember that God is His Word.You should read Ephesians chapter 6 to be enlightened much more pertaining to these subjects.


Fellowship with darkness is one of the most used tricks of the devil himself.Remember that a fountain does not yield sweet water and bitter water.We cannot afford to conform to this world because the enemy will eventually destroy your life.


Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.-- I Timothy 4: 15


What things are we supposed to meditate upon?We are to meditate upon Godís Word.We actually should be doing this all day long every day of our lives and then we will experience the more than abundant life.You have got to understand that the world will talk you out of it.Everyone who has no use for God and His Word conforms to this world.They usually live only for material things and have no spiritual insight whatsoever.Itís a sad situation today and itís going to get worse.You donít have to be a part of it because God has made an escape for His people.He is telling us in this one verse what we need to do.We are to focus on Godís precepts and to give ourselves completely to His Word.Why?So that our profiting will appear to all.So what if the unbeliever doesnít like you?More than often, he will be jealous of you and in turn he will dislike you because you shine with the light of the true God.And remember that Godís light makes manifest the darkness in his life.That is not your fault and it is nothing you should blame yourself for.This is normal tribulation that goes on in this world every single day.We need to be strong and to be strong, we must focus, and we must meditate on Godís Word.I will admit to that there was a time in my life when that is all that I focused on.These were the best days and times I ever lived.I believe itís because of this website that the devil himself has done everything he can to disrupt my life and have almost everybody I know turn against me and dislike me.But by standing for God, I find myself to be more than a conqueror in every single situation whether people like me are not.Many people write to me about this website but I make it very difficult for them to get through.Why?Because they want to criticize the teachings and they want to argue with me.You see I cannot argue truth Ė I can argue with facts Ė but I can only witness to the truth.Again, you have your own free will to argue with God and take the side of the world.But you surely will not argue with me because I simply will not argue anything that is written in this website.Example:I do have two arms and many people have written to me, (now this is a figure of speech), and said to me, ďyou donít have a left armĒ.Thatís what itís like to argue with a person about the Word of God.Itís that ludicrous.So you donít have to argue with anyone and you should not ever argue with anyone about the Word of God.If someone says they do not believe you, do you know what you say?Say ďthatís wonderfulĒ.Then you should walk away.The world is a tricky place and the more Word that you know and renew your mind to, the stronger you will become.Tribulation is mental pressure and God expects you to handle some of that pressure on your own.If you are stressed out to the point where you cannot handle it, God will come directly to your aid.It has happened to me time and time again.


In this teaching, I only wanted to express one thing and that is that God is all light.I also would like to say that we should adhere to His Word at all times and we should meditate upon it during every second of every day.This will give you what Jesus Christ has promised you.


. . . . . I am come that they might have life, and that they might have itmore abundantly.-- John 10: 10b


You have a choice.I have a choice.You can have a life that is more abundant or you could allow the god of this world to steal, and to kill, and to destroy your life.Why would anyone pick the latter?Thatís the purpose of this website.It is to make you aware of the power and might and magnificence of Godís Word.Then you have a choice to make.You are either going to obey God and to live the more than abundant life or you are going to conform to this world and slowly be destroyed.I sometimes find it hard to believe how much power the enemy actually has.If we do not know the Word of God, the enemy finds a way into everyoneís life so that he can deceive them into living in darkness.Pick the right choice.The true God and Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the correct choice and guarantees that you will live the more than abundant life.His Word is the only thing that you can rely on and trust 100% in this day and time.Why would I be doing this for 42 years if I had any doubts that Godís Word was the only way to live my life?Do you think Iím stupid?I graduated first in my class at Penn State University.I think I have some intelligence to make the right decision.Now you do the same.God bless.Selah.