" Stay sharp for God "


* Answer key is at the end of the test.


Subject:  THE RENEWED MIND -- The Believer's Key To Power

Instructions: You may use your Bible or the teaching to answer the questions. First try to answer them from memory. Check your answers with the answer key and make any necessary corrections. Use a pencil when taking the test.



1. True _______ or False _________ When a person becomes born again of God's spirit, his or her mind changes.


2. The very important Scriptures that pertain to the Renewed Mind are in:

___ a. Romans 9: 10, 9

___ b. Romans 12: 1, 2

___ c. Romans 10: 9, 10


3. The following statement is true:

___ a. God uses and controls people.

___ b. God forces people to quit bad habits.

___ c. Jesus Christ did not have a choice when he died on the cross.

___ d. You must renew your mind by your own free will which God never oversteps.


4. Christians need to renew their minds to the Word of God because their minds are:

___ a. undisciplined and undedicated

___ b. factious and full of fear

___ c. weak, poor, and sick

___ d. striving and uncertain

___ e. All of the above


5. The renewed mind is:

___ a. A result of divine obedience and adoration rendered to God.

___ b. Your key to power

___ c. A continuous process

___ d. all of the above


6. Another verse(s) that backs up what is said in Romans 12: 1, 2 is:

___ a. Romans 13: 14

___ b. Ephesians 4: 22, 23

___ c. Galatians 1: 11, 12

___ d. All of the above

___ e. Both a. and b. are correct


7. The term 'beseech' used in Romans verse 1 means:

___ a. a call to arms.

___ b. rational or logical.

___ c. the renewed mind

___ d. a call to aid.


8. In order to renew the mind and walk with the power of God, we must

___ a. Study the Word of God by our own free will and apply it to our lives.

___ b. Tune in to the television preachers.

___ c. Memorize scriptures only.

___ d. Go to church and sing in the choir.


9. True __________ or False ________ If we are keeping God first, we are renewing our mind.


10. In Romans 12: 1, the word "reasonable" means:

___ a. out of your own free will.

___ b. rational and logical

___ c. natural man

___ d. spiritually


11. True _____ False ______ One person who is renewing their mind and acting on God's Word can change the course of the world.


12. In order to renew the mind, a believer must FIRST:

___ a. go to church

___ b. give up bad habits

___ c. study God's Word on a regular basis.


13. The scripture that exhorts us to STUDY is __________________.


14. When you renew your mind to God's Word:

___ a. you energize your spiritual potential

___ b. are able to separate truth from error.

___ c. you do not conform to the world.

___ d. all are correct.

___ e. None are true.


15. The secret to the devil's success is:

___ a. THE SECRECY OF HIS MOVES (important)


16. In Romans 12: 2, "and be not conformed", the Greek word for 'conformed' is suschematizo  and it means:

___ a. Fashioned (shaped or molded)

___ b. Compliance

___ c. Knowledgeable


17. In Romans 12: 2, the word "transformed" is the Greek word metamorphoo  where we get out English word 'metamorphosis'.

True ______ or False _______ This is the biological process where a caterpillar changes into a butterfly.


18. Christ in you is the new birth -- to be born again. YOU IN CHRIST IS:

___ a. the renewed mind

___ b. fellowship

___ c. your standing

___ d. Both a. and b. are correct


19. If someone is not renewing their mind:

___ a. they will have no spiritual power in their life.

___ b. they will lead defeated lives

___ c. their old man thoughts will predominate their thinking and actions.

___ d. All are true.


20. True _______ or False _______ Ephesians 4: 23 states that we are to be "RENEWED IN THE SPIRIT [life] OF YOUR MIND".



Answer Key:

1. False

2. B

3. D

4. E

5. D

6. E

7. D

8. A

9. True

10. B

11. True

12. C

13. II Tim. 2:15

14. D

15. A

16. A

17. True

18. D

19. D

20. True