Wait On God



Most of us have some difficulty waiting on God.  We pray and we pray and we wait and we wait and it seems like God doesn't even hear us or He's taking His good old time.  Well, I want to explain something to you that I ran across in my research materials a long time ago.


When God does something, it is done at the exact right moment in time.  This is a fascinating revelation if you sit down and think about it for awhile.  God will never give us something that we cannot handle.  He will wait until we are ready to have that prayer answered.  In other words, by that time, God knows that you can handle and deal with an answer to your prayer, that you may have prayed even a year or two ago.  That's the secret.  That's why we must wait on God.  We are going to take a look at some Scriptures in the Old Testament first which will help us understand this concept.


Truly my soul waiteth [or waits silently] upon God:  from him cometh  my salvation.  – Psalm 62: 1


Often, when we wait upon the Lord, we should wait silently and not be complaining even though God understands that we are human.  In this verse, this man's soul which is his life, is waiting upon God.  Why is he doing this?  Well the answer is quite obvious.  He knows that from God Almighty comes his salvation.  He knows that God will teach him how to live correctly and to live a long time and to be blessed while he is alive.  All of these things and many more can be referred to as ‘salvation’.  Staying alive is another meaning for salvation and probably the most important one.  So when this man has something on his heart he prays to God and then he waits upon God to answer his prayer.


This is an interesting Scripture and you truly should read the next 3 Scriptures, but we are going to go to verse 5.  Reading all 5 Scriptures will help you to understand the context of what is being said.  And you should remember my now that context is one of the ways that the Word of God interprets itself.  You cannot pull a verse of Scripture out of context and get the rightly divided Word of God.


My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is  from him.  – Psalm 62: 5


I do not care for chapter headings but most of these chapters are specifying that this is David who is praying to God.  And what does he say for the second time?  He is talking to himself and saying wait thou only upon God.  I like the word ‘only.’  And again he explains himself as to why he is doing this.  You see, he does not depend on the world to meet his needs.  The world belongs to the devil and you surely do not want the devil to meet your needs because he will eventually steal, kill, or destroy you.  So David is saying that all of his expectations are coming from God Almighty -- the true God.  You must understand that a requirement of waiting on God is that you must believe that He will meet your needs.  Many times we pray and we wait and we wait and we believe our prayer is never going to be answered.  This is unbelief -- it is negative believing and it will always result in a negative outcome. 


So here we have two Scriptures in the book of Psalms that talk about waiting upon God and expecting Him to meet our needs.  In the first verse, we expect God to give us our salvation.  Now salvation is still an interesting word to me and should be to you.  Salvation in the Church of the Body in which we are in [the 5th Administration], is where we get born again so that we can have eternal life and that is the greatest salvation there can ever be.


I believe we should go over a verse in Romans chapter 8.  This verse talks about the hope of the return of Jesus Christ.  This is the greatest motivation we can ever have in this life and because of that, I have chosen to include this verse.


And not only they,  but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit,  the redemption of our body.  – Romans 8: 23


Now if you look at verse 22 you will learn a little more about the context of our subject.  The Word is talking about the whole creation groaning and suffering in this present age.  This second heaven and earth is nothing compared to the future third heaven and earth wherein dwelleth righteousness and where there is no pain and suffering and no death.


Now in the above Scripture there is a statement that says we have the firstfruits of the spirit.  This means that we can operate the manifestations of Holy Spirit such as speaking in tongues.  But even though, we groan in the Spirit.  Why?  Because we are waiting for the adoption or redemption of our body.  We are waiting for the return of Jesus Christ where we will receive a new body and all things will be changed and become new.


I simply wanted to show you how often the term ‘wait on God’ is used and in so many different contexts.  We are waiting for that adoption and you can scratch the words ‘to wit’ since they are in italics and are added by the translators.  Just skip over them and read from adoption to the redemption.  It is my intention to clear up any problems you may have had with this verse since it could be somewhat unclear if you do not understand that there are three heavens and earths.  We are in the second one.  The third one is still in the future and knowing this helps you to understand the verse and the phrase “waiting for the adoption/redemption”.


The following verse, which is in Isaiah, talks about God and how we should listen to and trust Him and how He will comfort us if we hearken to His Word.  The verse I want to go over is 5, but first to help us with context, we should start in verse 4.  Verse 5 also has another principle mentioned that we went over in a teaching once before.  That is one of the main reasons that we are going to study this verse as it pertains to the subject matter of our teaching.


Hearken unto me, my people; and give ear unto me, O my nation:  for a law shall proceed from me, and I will make my judgment to rest for a light of the people.  –Isaiah 51: 4


As I said before, I do not care to jump right to the Scripture that pertains to any teaching, but to give a slight introduction pertaining to the context of the teaching.    In this case, God is saying to listen to Him because a law shall proceed from God and His judgment will rest or prevail and it will provide a light for His people.  In the next verse, which is the verse that explains our concept, God also mentions another principle, as I said before, that is extremely important.  It took me many years to master this principle even though it is different than our subject matter in this particular teaching.  Let's get to the verse.


My righteousness is  near; my salvation is gone forth, and mine arms shall judge the people; the isles shall wait upon me, and on mine arm shall they trust.  -- Isaiah 51: 5


I find this to be an unusual usage of waiting upon God.  God is even saying that the isles which is referring to an island or sea coast is also waiting upon Him.  This may seem quite amazing to the Christian who does not do very much studying.  However, even inanimate objects can also wait upon the Lord.


Let’s go to the New English Bible and review its translation of the verse which will help us out.


My victory is near, my deliverance has gone forth and my arm shall rule the nations:  for me coasts and islands shall wait and they shall look to me for protection.  -- NEB Isaiah 51: 5


Now the second part or last part of the verse mentions a subject that I did a complete teaching about.  That is to trust in  the arm of God and never to trust in the arm of man.  Since I am in a position of teaching God's Word as it was taught to me, I am always under attack by people because people will be your greatest hindrance or thorn in the flesh.  I recently asked someone I trusted completely “Are you okay?”  That is what I said in a letter that was meant to help this person.  This person was never with me and turned on me abruptly for what seemed like no reason at all.  Well, this person will have to make it on her own from now on because I learned this person’s true heart.  God protects me by showing me situations before they can become extremely harmful to me.  Not by choice, but I can trust no one from this point on.  My trust lies mainly in God.  I can't seem to get close to anyone because of my personal adversary who is trying to do everything he can to discourage me from doing these teachings.  Well, I would tell him to go to hell, but he is already there.  Many Christians are as hot as can be when they first learn the Word of God.  But the enemy waits for that person to be lifted up with pride and then he attacks.  What he is capable of is hard for anyone to believe or understand.  I teach the Word for God Almighty first and that way I do not get hurt.  Because of the above verse, I want to stress that principle about waiting on the arm of God, and not man.  That's why I try to teach you, that when it comes to the Word of God, you have no friends.  It sounds negative but it's really a positive figure of speech.  God is trying to warn you to trust no one completely like you trust Him.  And remember, every time that you are hurt in any way, it comes straight from hell.  The true God never hurts anybody even if they make a mistake.  There are times when you need to avoid certain people as if they had the bubonic plague and I'm good at that.  No contact -- no letters -– no e-mails (they’re blocked) -- no phone calls – NOTHING.  And it's permanent.  You must understand that I need to protect myself so that I can continue doing these teachings and helping certain Christians that believe what is being taught and apply it in their lives.  Now let's get back to the context and essence of our teaching.


Although I have yet to find the exact verse that I am looking for, the following verses are just as powerful.  Now we’re going to go back to the Old Testament and back to Psalms.  I am simply going to quote two verses of Scripture from Psalm 62.  The context here is referring to the soul.


Truly my soul waiteth upon God:  from him cometh  my salvation.  – Psalm 62: 1


My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is  from him.  – Psalm 62: 5


In the next two verses God speaks about silence which is something that we already mentioned near the beginning of this teaching.  You should be getting an idea of how many verses there are where God says to wait on Him.  This is a most important principle and it will teach us patience and it will teach us how to believe rightly.


I should mention at this point that there is a mighty principle inherent in these teachings pertaining to silence.  I will just say this to you and I will say it twice:  “There is great peace in silence.”  Remember that.  “There is great peace in silence”.  Try it sometime.


The Lord is  good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that  seeketh him.  – Lamentations 3: 25


It is  good that a man  should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord.  – Lamentations 3: 26


So here we have the goodness of the Lord upon a person who waits for Him.  It permeates the soul of a man.  The soul of a man is similar to a person's personality.  It's what makes you, you.  The hope of the return of Jesus Christ is also mentioned. These are just a few more of the benefits of waiting upon God.


I finally did find that Scripture that inspired this teaching.  Of course, it was in the book of Psalms.  Before we get directly to that Scripture which is very simple and straightforward, I would like to go over a few other Scriptures to help with the context in which this main Scripture is involved.  The chapter which is 27 is very positive and speaks a lot about the strength of God pertaining to our salvation.  Let's just go to the Word of God and let it speak.


The first Scripture in this Psalm is a Scripture that I once learned by heart.  I still know it quite well but I will make a point to review this Scripture in my mind since it is so positive and talks about God's protection and His brilliance.


The Lord is  my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  The Lord is  the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?  -- Psalm 27: 1


When you believe it, it's tremendous and it is beyond our understanding.  It should bring us great joy knowing that God is our light and He is our salvation.  There is a Scripture in Romans that says “if God be for us, who can be against us?”  We have such power if we would only believe -- that is the key.  Lately, in some of my teachings, I began to teach figures of speech.  Can you see the figure of speech in the first part of this verse?  It is the word ‘light’.  It's very simple.  If God is a Spirit and of course He is, then He cannot give off light.  The figure is made for you to stop and think, “what does this mean”?  God is assuring us that He surely has the power to light up our lives and to give us the salvation that we need and look forward to.  As a result of all of this, who are you going to fear?  No one.  God then says that He is the strength of our life and again, for the second time, He says of whom are you going to be afraid.  The answer is no one.  No one messes with a son of God who walks by the spirit in the renewed mind in fellowship with Him.  It's enough to get you excited……… or check for a pulse.  You see that God wants to take care of us.  In most situations, He simply wants you to acknowledge Him.  That means to go to Him in prayer and to walk and talk with Him all day long.  This is the most beautiful type of life that you can ever experience and the world will never understand it.  We are now going to study verses verse 11 and 12 before we conclude with the perfect verse regarding our teaching.


Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies:  Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies:  for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.  – Psalm 27: 11, 12


Do you know why I love to teach so many of you that I have never even met?  Because I know that you to have gone through much of the same tribulation and we are all in this together.  Tell me you haven't prayed to God and asked Him to protect you from your enemies and we all have them.  We ask God to make sure we are not delivered unto the will of those enemies and to lead us down a plain and simple path – where there is peace.  That’s why its worded a “plain path”.  Then I've got to say that this is the most powerful part of this verse and here it is.  False witnesses, people who are liars and deceptive have come up against you and they breath out cruelty.  They know nothing else.  This is why God says to turn to Him and He will eventually [and the key word is eventually] take them out.  Do I wish iniquity and suffering upon people?  Absolutely not.  The opposite is true.  But you cannot violate the laws of God and walk away because God Almighty is even just to the devil himself.  Can you believe that?  I had a person make an accusation of me once that was completely and totally fabricated.  I did not even know this person and I never met this person and I never spoke to this person and she called the police on me and said I was harassing her.  Why?  I don't care to get into it but many of you men know what it's like when you turn your back on the advances of a mentally unstable woman.  And you women surely know the same thing.  Not only did I destroy this legal situation in a court of law, that person took a stroke and a debilitating one shortly after this was over.  God doesn't mess around.  He will break the adversary for you if you do one thing.  And let's get to it.


The following is the Scripture that inspired this teaching.  I was studying one morning and I ran across it and I said Wow, this is great.  The Scripture stayed with me for week after week and I knew I had to do a teaching about it.


Wait on the Lord:  be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart:  wait, I say, on the lord.  – Psalm 27: 14


How straightforward and simple can you be?  God says outright, plainly and firmly, to wait on Him.  He says to be of good courage which surely means to have some patience and if you do, He will strengthen your heart which is the innermost part of your being.  When God says something twice, it is absolutely established and it will absolutely come to pass.  At the end of this verse, God says the same thing.  He says wait, I say on me.  Wait on the Lord -- He says it twice.  He wants to establish it in your hearts so that you never forget.  As I said previously, I ran across a fantastic revelation at one point in my career and I will repeat it again.  God does everything at the exact right moment in time.  That's why we need to wait on God.  He knows what He's doing and He knows when it is the right time to move.


Some of what is contained in many of these teachings is truly amazing and astounding.  I do not take any credit at all for what is written.  I am God's arms and His legs and His mouth.  I speak only for Him.  He gives me the words and He puts the paragraphs together and He makes sense of it all.  I do this because I love God first and I love you also.  I pray that you have learned much from this teaching and once again I feel an urge to thank some of you who were able to find my e-mail address and write such inspiring letters that helps me to get even more excited about God's Word.  Thank you and God bless you richly in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.



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*** Many more examples of ‘Wait on God’ is in a good concordance.  Young’s Analytical Concordance To The Bible is one of the best – I’ve used it for 20 or 30 years.

Don’t hesitate to get this research material – it’s on Amazon’s site at a good price.  If you are serious about the Word, you will never regret that decision.