God’s Blueprint For Living

[Part One of Two]


I cannot express enough, the importance of this teaching as an everyday example of how we, as believers, should be walking based on the principles in the rightly divided Word of God.  This teaching is going to present to you a hypothetical example of a believer as he or she goes through their day.  I am excited about this teaching because it is very different than any other teaching presented to you on this website.  There are well over 300 teachings on this website and none of them will be like the teaching you are about to read.  Let me explain.


The overall subject matter of this teaching will actually cover a very simple subject.  That does not mean it is not a very important subject.  It is crucial to you that you learn to walk by God’s Word every day and minute of your life.  This I have referred to as God’s Blueprint For Living.  As always, I like to begin a teaching with the Word of God.  There is a Scripture that sums up this whole teaching.


Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter;  Fear [respect] God, and keep his commandments:  for this is the whole duty  of man.  -- Ecclesiastes 12: 13


Look at the first phrase and how God puts it all into one basic solution.  The conclusion of everything is to respect God and to keep His commandments, which as we know, is His Word.  And then the last phrase of the Scripture says, for this is the whole duty or purpose of man.  Overall, this can be referred to as God’s Blueprint For Living.  To me, the above verse, speaks multitudes to believers today. 


I am giving you a hypothetical example of a day in a believer’s life and how that believer does his or her very best to live by this blueprint for living which is the Word of God.  This can also be referred to as walking by the spirit which in simpler terms means walking by Revelation from the true God Almighty of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The format of the teaching is self-explanatory, so let us begin.




-- You wake up at about 7 AM and you begin to speak in tongues before you get out of bed.


Blueprint:  I would that ye all spake with tongues,   ……………… I Corinthians 14: 5a


The apostle Paul exhorts us to speak with tongues.  He was a great example of operating this manifestation as we will now see in verse 18 of this same chapter.


I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all:  ………… I Corinthians 14: 18


As a third point that is also very important in our prayer life let us take a look at verse 15 of the same chapter.


Blueprint:  What is it then?  I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also; …………. I Corinthians 14: 15a


Why did I bring up three separate points pertaining to prayer?  Because it is God’s Will that we pray much during the day.  Speaking in tongues is the most effective type of prayer and we should do it as often as we can.  I have been working on this part of my renewed mind for many long years.  I do not live in a very pleasant neighborhood, so when I go out to cut my grass I have a built-in habit of speaking in tongues until my job is done.  That way, there is not one devil spirit that can influence me or bother me when I am at work.  Work is another subject that we will study where God has a blueprint for living.  We will get into that later on.  I want you to see the importance of prayer.  If you pray as soon as you wake up, that is a great way to begin your day.  If you pray an hour after you get up, God will still bless you.  But think about this logically.  If we get up and get started on our day, and we do not give God any of our time and prayer, we are obviously putting something else before God and that is idolatry and that is sin.  I have found out by experience that when I do not pray as I start my day, I seem to find myself behind the 8 ball most of the day.  Everything seems to be going wrong and I have nothing but a frustrating day.  Have any of you experienced this?  Yes, it is true that speaking in tongues is the most effective way to pray.  But God also mentions in Corinthians verse 15a that we should also pray with our understanding.  I will tell you that almost every single morning before we start our day, my wife and I sit down and pray to God with our understanding.  This sets our day and it is very important that you do the same thing.  As I will be mentioning many times, this teaching is a part of God’s Blueprint For Living. 


Let’s move on to another very important time of our day.  We all deal with this is and sometimes is a very difficult part of our day.  We like what we do or we hate what we do.  Of course I am referring to work.  There is a key in the Bible which is part of God’s blueprint for living that I am going to go over right now.  We either have to renew our mind to this principle, which is very simple, or we are going to be miserable every day of our life as we go to work.  The following is the way that God wants you to work.


Blueprint:  And whatsoever ye do,  do it  [work] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;  -- Colossians 3: 23


Even if you dislike your job, you need to renew your mind to this principle or you will be miserable every day that you go to work.  Let us say that our hypothetical believer  enjoys his/her job.  He may very well be realizing that he is working for God Almighty and not for men.  This helps him to keep a positive attitude in whatever he does.  He or she does not complain – he or she is not lazy – he or she is a very good worker and is recognized by management as such.  This person has the capabilities of being promoted to a better position.  Now, let us look at the other side and I have been there many times.  The person who does not renew their mind to the above Scripture is a complainer and is very lazy and is definitely not a good worker.  This type of attitude is recognized by his or her superiors.  But that believer will never achieve recognition by management personnel.  He or she will probably stay in the same position for years and years.


I have to tell you that I worked in a large factory that made major truck parts and appliances and I hated every single day.  Why?  Because I did not know the Word of God.  I would actually walk into this huge factory on third shift and I would get depressed when I walked in the front door.  It was so bad that I cannot even begin to explain it to you.  When you go to work, you need to remember that you are working for God Almighty.  This will help your attitude and it will surely become positive.  This will affect the way you work and that will become obvious to your supervisors.  Overall, you just cannot lose when you apply the Word of God and Colossians 3: 23.  I wanted to get this subject of work out of the way as quickly as possible.  If I only knew the Word of God when I worked in this factory, I could have stood out as a good worker.  In fact, I need to tell you a short story.  A lot of workers will run their mouth off constantly trying to get themselves to forget how much they dislike their job.  I was probably one of them.  For three weeks after this factory shut down, I was able to secure an inventory position in the new company that bought out my old factory.  This final situation blew my mind and it did the same for my earthly father who also worked there and was highly recognized as a very valuable employee.  I was having some very personal problems at the time.  I was doing a 3 week inventory at this new company.  I just did not feel like talking to anybody.  I simply kept counting and counting part after part after part.  I did work next to another guy who had similar interests in life.  Actually, we talked about girls most of the day.  Apparently, this guy befriended me and it was for one reason.  I kept my mouth shut and I listened with interest to what he had to say.  But I very seldom said anything all day long.  There is great peace in silence.  Of all things, the supervisor noticed how I worked and how quiet I was and how I continued to do my job all day long without complaints and keeping my mouth shut.  He went to my father and told my father that I was a great worker and he would hire me any time.  That just blew my father away.  He could not believe it and neither could I.  I hope this little story helps you in some way.  Now I want to get into more simpler facets of applying God’s Word.


Let us back up and say we are now driving to our job.  Our hypothetical believer does not like his job, and it reflects in his driving.  He starts to drive recklessly as if he is racing the other cars down the highway.  I myself did this because I hated to get to work.  I live with a person every day who never once got a speeding citation in their lifetime.  That is amazing to me because I have gotten maybe two hundred speeding citations.  Can you imagine how much money I spent to pay fines?  Well, I finally slowed down and realized how much better off I was.  No tickets – no points – no special driving tests.  Yeah, I like that much better.  So for those of you who drive like maniacs on a highway, I can identify with that.  But the Word of God says:  NO!


Blueprint:  Be careful [anxious or distracted] for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  -- Philippians 4: 6


My God, people, God is not only telling you how to act when you get to your job, He is telling you in what manner should you proceed to get to your job.  It is one of the most difficult Scriptures and principles for people to master.  We are never to be in a hurry.  We are never to be anxious or distracted for anything on the face of this earth.  That is what you call self-control or temperance that is mentioned in Galatians 5: 23.  That is only one of the nine fruit of the spirit that results from you operating the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit.  You see, God’s got you covered in every single thing that you do.  He only asks one thing of you, one thing, and that is that you believe.  If you believe, you are going to apply God’s principles which of course again are His blueprint for living.  Are you sick of getting citations?  Man, it makes you sick to your stomach, doesn’t it?  I remembered the only way I can explain it is that it ruined my day and possibly my week.  It also dug into any savings that I may have had, so that I cannot buy that one thing that I wanted really badly.  I had to send it to the state of Pennsylvania DMV.  I got so sick of this one day, I went to that believer who never got a citation in her life.  I said to her “Will you help me?”  And she did.


We are still working here with that believer who was not on the same page as God’s Blueprint For Living.  But that believer has free will and could have gone to a similar person I went to and got the same advice that was the beginning of the end of my paying fines --  and being so bummed out.  I am actually driving forty-five years without an accident.  I can drive circles around almost anybody and I hardly ever lost a race with a car.  But a state trooper once came up to me who could have impounded my car and gave me a huge fine.  But I admire this class of law enforcement.  He said to me, “Did you ever realize how many people you are scaring”?  That statement just stuck in the innermost part of my being and I never forgot it and I never will.


You have got to look at what Philippians 4: 6 is trying to say to you and you have got to believe it and you have got to apply it.  It is that simple.  Let’s move on.


Our hypothetical believer is driving home from work and he has a really pretty girlfriend.  She deserves the world and he has something that is bothering him.  He keeps wondering if this beautiful woman is going to tell him to take a hike.  You need to watch out for feelings like this.  There is a law of believing that I have done a major teaching on and it says that if you fear something enough, you will make it happen to yourself.  So where do you go?  Guess where?


Blueprint:  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  -- II Timothy 1: 7


Our hypothetical believer needs to run this Scripture over and over again in his mind until he believes it and he acts on it.  Because any fear that is trying to get in his mind is coming from the god of this world and that is the devil himself.  Take a look at II Corinthians 4: 4 where God spells it out.  The only thing this god does is to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.  You surely do not want to listen to him.  God gives you power, love, and a sound mind.  Isn’t that great as compared to what the other god gives you?  Now while we are on this particular subject, I want to mention to you what this hypothetical believer might do many times during the day.  He or she confesses to a negative.  “I do not believe I can accomplish that”.  That is a very simple negative confession.  When a person makes negative confessions such as constant complaints etc., our hypothetical believer needs to renew his or her mind according to a very simple process which is mentioned also in the same above Scripture pertaining to fear.  Notice how God contradicts the first part of the Scripture.  The second part of the Scripture mentions three positive things – power – love – sound mind.  There is a mighty principle here as far as overcoming negative believing which most of us fall prey to often times during the day or at any time.  You need to do the following:  Every time you say or confess to a negative, you must discipline your mind to say three positive things after you have confessed to the negative.  This can really surprise you if you try it and apply it.  Let me give you a most simple example.  I have a nonalcoholic drink next to me as I am doing this teaching.  Well, I am going to get myself out of fellowship for the sake of this teaching. (Not really)  I confess that this drink is warm by now and it just tastes terrible.  What do I need to do to counter this negative?  I need to say three positive things and it could be related to anything in life.  So here goes and this is the truth.  Yesterday, I swam sixty laps.  The day before yesterday I walked six miles.   My health is in really good condition lately and I have not gotten sick with a virus in about 40 years.  And this is a principal that allows you to overcome negative believing whether it is worry, doubt or fear.   


Blueprint:  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  -- II Timothy 1: 7


Now we’re talking about overcoming a negative with three positive statements or thoughts in your mind.  Many times, one Scripture addresses more than one blueprint at a time.  This is one of those examples.


And you wonder why I get excited about the inerrant accuracy of the Word of God.  The Word of God is the most amazing treasure in the universe.  You simply have to do one thing and I mentioned it many times.  Believe.  That’s it.  It’s that easy.  I want to mention to you that when you counter a negative with 3 positives, you will feel a sense of deliverance.  That negative which was dominating your thinking will have lost its power.  It’s amazing, I know.  The secret things belong unto God.


Now are we are going to get into a major principle that affects everyone almost every single day.  We are going to go back to our hypothetical believer and take up where he left off.  He was thinking bad thoughts about his girlfriend and he finally overcame them with 3 positive thoughts.  But where is he right now?  He still driving home from work.  He thinks of this girl that he loves madly and he wants to do something nice for her.  So he does what many of us do on our way home from work.  He stops at a mall or at a department store and he goes in there to purchase that one single thing that is on his mind.  Now this gets interesting.  Let’s use a specific example.  He would like to get his girlfriend some pretty flowers because women like flowers and they should be treated delicate and gently with the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation.  He parks his car and he heads towards the store.  Now watch this blueprint.  It will be explained fully.


Blueprint:  There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man; but God is  faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye  may be able to bear it.  -- I Corinthians 10: 13


This Scripture set me free in so many ways, it’s hard to explain it to anyone.  First let me clear up some words that might give you a problem.  The word ‘suffer’ is Old English and it means ‘to allow’.  God will not allow you to be tempted to the point that you are not able to handle it.  He will make a way to escape that temptation so that you are able to handle it successfully.


Now I want to get back to the department store and our young believer who was going to go about to buy his girlfriend a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Picture yourself doing something similar.  It could be a car part – it could be a grocery item – it could be almost anything.  But you went into that store to buy that one thing.  I studied marketing in college for quite some time.  Stores actually put up what they call ‘Point of Purchase’ displays.  You will many times see them right near the checkout counter.  They are designed to do only one thing and that is to tempt you to purchase a product from that display.  YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS:  Every time you are tempted, it is wrong!  Knowing this was a great deliverance for me.  It is a warning, clear and simple that only the god of this world tempts people.  Temptation is not from the true God.  Now let us say that our believer went into this store and he bought just one thing – a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Then he went to the checkout counter, paid for them, and left.  Well isn’t that great for him?  He did what God directed him to do with something that’s written in His blueprint for living and that was I Corinthians 10: 13.  Think about it.  How many times does this happen to you?  You go in the store to buy one or 2 things and you come out with half a cart full of items.  Half the items you really don’t need, but you felt this temptation to buy them.  You felt buyer’s remorse after you took them home and realized that you made a mistake.  Listen to me.  Many of us do the same thing.  I myself, am guilty at times of making this mistake.  When I go to a car parts store anymore, I try my damnedest to buy only what I went there for.  It is renewed mind and it is difficult at times, but we can do it.  Why?  Because God says that we can handle it and He also will make a way out of the temptation so that we can escape and be more than conquerors.  Now another blueprint has just come to my mind so we might as well go over it.


Blueprint:  There is  therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.  -- Romans 8: 1


Believe it or not, God is so great and loving toward us, that He never wants us to condemn ourselves no matter what we do.  He alone realizes and understands that we are often tricked by the god of this world.  If you bring home 7 items from the store, and your list has only 3 items, you might have a tendency to condemn yourself because you knew in your heart that you only wanted those 3 items and you gave into the temptation to buy the other 4 items.  If you do condemn yourself, simply tell God that you are sorry for what you did and that you will make every effort not to do that again.  God will forgive you and you are instantly back in fellowship and harmony with Him.  Isn’t that just a magnificent thing?  You should all be very familiar with the Epistle of I John.  This epistle, in the first chapter, deals mainly with fellowship and how to stay in fellowship with God.  Remember, all of our sins before we were born again are washed away.  That is referred to as remission.  But after we are born again, we can still sin in the flesh and those sins need to be forgiven by God and then we are cleansed once again.


While I am dealing with Romans 8: 1, I want to explain to you why I only mentioned the first part of this verse.  This will offer you some proof as to the fact that I do know what I’m doing.  Look at the rest of verse 8.  It starts off with ‘walk not after the flesh etc.’  If you look down at verse 4, you will see that the same statement is made.  When the scribes were writing out the Word of God, their eyes moved to the wrong place at the wrong time.  They saw what was written in verse 4 and by mistake they put it at the end of verse 1. 


There are so many more  examples and situations that I can go over in this teaching that I believe the teaching will be too long.  I have decided to take this teaching into 2 parts.  I believe you will find this interesting rewarding, and comforting.  This will be the end of part 1 and we will start in the future with part 2 which will conclude this subject.  Remember, we are talking about God’s Blueprint For Living.  God Almighty has every base covered because He loves us more than we can ever understand.  He only asks one thing of us and that is that we believe and act on His Word and then we can never go wrong.  So I’m going to end Part 1 with a Scripture that always really blessed me and helped me to feel really powerful, confident and relaxed.  I want you all to feel the same.


Blueprint:  What shall we say then to these things?  If God be  for us, who can be against us?  -- Romans 8: 31



This will conclude Part One