" Stay sharp for God "



* Answer key is at the end of the test.


Subject:  THE SEVEN ADMINISTRATIONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Instructions:  You may use your Bible or the teaching to answer the questions.  First try to answer them from memory.  Check your answers with the answer key and make any necessary corrections.  Use a pencil when taking the test.



1. True ___ False ___ The Christ Administration officially ended on the day of Pentecost.


2. The Law Administration began when God gave Moses the:

A. Spoken revelation.

B. Mosaic law.

C. 10 commandments.

D. All of the above.

E. Both B and C are correct.


3. The Law was replaced by:

A. The Book of Revelation.

B. The Judeans and Gentiles.

C. The teachings of Luther.

D. Matthew 22: 36 - 40.


4. Arrange the following Administrations in the order in which they appear in the Bible: (use numbers)

___ Patriarchal Administration.

___ Paradise or Glory Administration.

___ Christ Administration.

___ Church of Grace Administration.

___ The Original Administration--Paradise.

___ The Law Administration.

___ The Appearing or Revelation Administration.


5. According to a critical Lexicon, the Word 'stewardship' is:

A. A dispensation.

B. An administration or management of a household.

C. The responsibility of a ship's crew.


6. In the third chapter of Genesis, we see that the adversary's target is:

A. The partially correct Word of God.

B. People in general.

C. God's wonderful creation.

D. The Rightly Divided Word Of God.

E. All of the above.


7. The Original Administration or Paradise will be continued sometime in the future in the _______________ ___ __________ Administration.


8. Who was initially deceived by the devil in Genesis Chapter 3?

A. Adam and Eve.

B. Eve.

C. Adam.

D. All of the above.


9. True______ False ________ If Pentecost began the Church of Grace Administration, then the Christ Administration is still in the Old Testament.


10. What died on the day that Adam and Eve disobeyed God?

A. Their soul life.

B. Their spiritual connection with God.

C. Both A and B are correct.


11. Romans 15: 4 -- "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."  The word "aforetime" is referring to:

A. The Old Testament.

B. The Christ Administration.

C. Before the 12 apostles.

D. Before the Day of Pentecost.


12. What other keywords are in Romans 15: 4?

A. Patience and comfort.

B. Might have hope.

C. For our learning.


13. Some of the Bible is written for our learning.  The specific books of the Bible that are written directly to us today are the:

A. Prophets.

B. Everything in the Law.

C. The seven Church epistles.

D. Apologetics.

E. Debates.


14. When did the Original Administration end?  With the ________________________________________________________ .


15. True ________ False __________ Back in the book of Genesis, people did live for very long periods of time.


16. At first, man had a perfectly pure bloodstream.  His bloodstream became impure and death was imminent as a result of:

A. Sin-consciousness.

B. His impure soul life.

C. God's anger with man.

D. Sin.

E. None of the above.


17. Deuteronomy was addressed to __________ under the _____ Administration while Romans is addressed to the ____________ under the _________________ ___ ________________ Administration.

A. the Gentiles--Church; Israelites--Age of Grace.

B. Israel--Christ; Church--Church of Grace.

C. Israel--Law; Church--Church of Grace.


18. The Patriarchal Administration ended with the coming of:

A. Jesus Christ.

B. The apostle Paul.

C. Moses.

D. the Law to Moses.

E. None of the above.


19. There are three words that appear in Ephesians 2: 9 that only exist in one critical Greek text and should be deleted.  These three words are:

A. 'by Jesus Christ'.

B. 'of the mystery'.

C. 'and to make'.


20. True _________ False ________ The Church of Grace Administration will continue at the end of the Book of Revelation.



Answer Key:

1. True

2. E

3. D

4. 2,7,4,5,1,3,6

5. B

6. D

7. Paradise or Glory

8. B

9. True

10. B

11. D

12. C

13. C

14. Expulsion of Adam and Eve

15. True

16. D

17. C

18. D

19. A

20. False