The Fountain of Living Waters


The Abundant Life



Jesus Christís proclamation as recorded in John 10: 10b is the foundational Scripture for Absolute Bible Study.


... I am come that they [believers] might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.-- John 10: 10b


This verse literally changed my life.When I began in the Christian ministry, I was fortunate to initially learn this Scripture.Prior to this I had lacked an abundant life to make a major understatement.I was especially alerted when I read from the Word of God that Jesus Christ said He had come to give us a life more than abundant.As I looked about me at the world and among the people with whom I had associated, the abundant life was frequently not evident.In contrast to Christian people, I could see that the secular world of non-Christians were manifesting a more abundant life more than were members of the Church.Thus I earnestly began to pursue the question, "If Jesus Christ came that men and women might have a more abundant life,why is it that the Christian believers do not even manifest an abundant life?"


I believe most people would be thankful if they even lived an abundant life; but the Word says Jesus Christ came that we might have life not just abundant, but more than abundant.If Godís Word, spoken by Jesus Christ, is not reliable here in John 10: 10b, how can we trust it anywhere else?But, on the other hand, if Jesus told the truth, if he meant what he said and said what he meant in this declaration, then surely there must be keys, signposts, to guide us to the understanding and the receiving of this life which is more than abundant.


This Bible Website, Absolute Bible Study, is one way of showing interested people the abundant life which Jesus Christ lived and which he came to make available to believers as it is revealed in the Word of God.


This is a Website containing Biblical keys.The contents herein do not teach the Scriptures from Genesis 1: 1 to Revelation 22: 21; rather, it is designed to set before the reader the basic keys in the Word of God so that Genesis to Revelation will unfold and so that the abundant life which Jesus Christ came to make available will become evident to those who want to appropriate God's abundance in their lives.



The following is the actual teaching:

The Fountain of Living Waters



The first and most basic key for power for abundant living is that the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God.This key is the greatest secret in the world today.It is a secret not because God is keeping it to Himself; it is a secret because people have not believed.Most people do not believe that the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God.They take out one segment of the Word of God and insert another. But to be logical and consistent, either the entire Bible is the Word of God from Genesis to Revelation or it is not the Word of God anywhere.Knowing that the Word of God is the Will of God is the primary step in our search for power for abundant living.


For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, andhewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.Ė Jeremiah 2: 13


To whom is God talking?He says, "MY people."He is not talking to people who are on the outside of His fold; He is talking to those within the fold when He says, " ... my people have committed two evils; [first] they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters .... " God is a fountain as opposed to cisterns which belong to people.


A fountain has an unlimited supply of water.When people forsake God who is a fountain, they hew out for themselves cisterns which are man-made and which hold only a limited amount.If the cistern is a fifty-barrel one, fifty barrels is the maximum supply a person can get from it.When people forsake God, the fountain of living waters, they hew out for themselves, not fountains, but cisterns. Furthermore, those cisterns are broken cisterns; always leaking away their limited supply.


I too was like a broken cistern at one time in my life.I had hewed out for myself and tried countless theological concepts.I had read this, I had read that, I had concluded this, and I had concluded that; but just when I needed power, I didn't have the necessary resources.I looked into Dianetics, transindental meditation, Jehovahís Witnesses, the Assembly of God, even white witchcraft and I came up empty.When I needed the limitless supply of living water, all I had was an empty hole.This dilemma is what brought me to years of Biblical research; the questing for a solution to my empty cistern spurred my start in the Biblical field.I once began to read Proverbs and everything seemed to come to life.†† I buried myself in the Word of God and witnessed like a house on fire.I was able to get many people into Biblical Research classes and do you know what they said to me.I asked them why they became so interested and they said that they wanted what I had.Peoplewill read you before they read the book.


Before we move on, I want to make sure that you get this idea or concept about broken cisterns deep in your heart.I would like to tell you a different aspect concerning broken cisterns.I am going to reach back into my memories and tell you that my second aspect of searching for peace was different than searching for the proper religion or denomination.I also turned to many material things in my search and quest for the truth and for peace.I could not find a purpose to be alive.The world was corrupt and I was a serious nonconformist.I tried everything you can think of Ė especially girlfriends.I hurt one girl badly.Satan arranged the whole thing by deceiving me into thinking something that was not true.That person never gave me a chance to apologize to her for what I did.Because of that, every steady girlfriend I had after that situation did a number on me.I had it coming.The only time I felt like I was alive was when I had a girlfriend.It was the strangest thing, but it was true for me.


I also used to be fond of motorcycles and I wrote mine every day thinking I would find peace.I actually felt lonely on my motorcycle.I rode alone.


I tried going to two different colleges and both times, I quit right at the end of the year.In my second try at college, I began to make a serious search and since I was far away from home, I called my father in the middle of the night and he told me to come home.God was far from my thoughts.Everything I did came before Him.


Now you should be able to understand that I hewed out cisterns, broken cisterns that could hold no water.That was until the day I became born again of Godís Spirit and learned Godís Word.Then I turned to the fountain of living waters and have never looked back.What Godís Word did within my mind is unexplainable to anybody.I became set free and at peace for once in my life.Now, I had a purpose and nothing was going to stand in my way and even to this day, this is true.


I would like to talk about another principle from Godís Word that is an absolute necessity for you to find the fountain of living waters.This is such a simple principle that I am sure you have heard it many times, but we are going to go over it from the Word of God and you MUST apply it.


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.-- Matthew 6: 33


If you are out there and you are hurting badly, feeling alone and lost, you must get moving and you must seek out the kingdom of God.You must do what I did and keep searching even for years if thatís what it takes.You have heard the term said ďseek and you shall findĒ.This statement is very true and it originates in the Bible as you can see from Matthew 6: 33.I cannot stress to you enough how important it is that you search for what you are looking for.When God sees that you are serious and that you are ready to hear His Word, He will send someone to you.He will make a way.This website is designed to be self-sufficient.In other words, the great amount of Godís Word that is in Absolute Bible Study may be all that you need to find God and the things of God that will lead you to the more than abundant life that is mentioned in the introduction.This website may help you greatly, but you are also to seek out more of Godís Word by studying diligently and working the Scriptures with research materials such as a Lexicon and a large Concordance.Believe me, that is all that you need and I will be praying for you.


Have you ever asked yourself or considered what is the greatest sin you can commit?If you asked the residents of your community do you know what they would say?One person would say that the greatest sin is murder; someone else would say that it is adultery; somebody else would say something else.You would come up with a multiplicity of answers as to the greatest sin.


What does the Word of God say concerning this question?Matthew 22 tells us.

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.-- Matthew 22: 37


This is the first and great commandment.-- Matthew 22: 38


If that is the first and great commandment, then what is the first and greatest sin?By simple logic we break the first and great commandment by not loving God Ė by loving something else more than we love God, by putting something ahead of God - by hewing out our own religious systems, our own ideologies, and our own thinking patterns - rather than adhering to the divine revelation of God's wonderful, matchless Word.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.-- Hosea 4: 6


Again, God is talking to His people when He says:My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.This lack of knowledge is not in science, philosophy, newspapers or the latest movies.If God's people are being destroyed today, there is only one reason: a lack of knowledge of the Word of God.This lack of knowledge of the integrity and the greatness of God's Word - that the revealed Word of God is the Will of God - is the reason His people are being destroyed.God gives us free will to accept Him or reject Him.If we reject His knowledge, He cannot help us!The enemy sees what we are doing and he has a legal right to afflict us.Itís not Godís Will Ė we brought it on ourselves.You need to understand that.


Many times people can see that I get excited about the Bible, represented by Absolute Bible Study and Biblical research.That is right.Why shouldn't I be enthusiastic about the greatness of God's Word with its message of unlimited resources?When I was playing racquetball, I was involved and enthusiastic and even won a B league tournament.I became concerned and had tremendous zeal for that sport.Why not have a tremendous zeal for the greatness of God's Word which is much more lasting and rewarding?A man is admired for being a football or basketball fan; but when he dares to get excited about the greatness of God's Word, people think that this Biblical fan has a "screw loose."Surely there must be something wrong with our scale of values.The Word of God is so tremendous, so wonderful, and so rich, that when Jesus Christ said He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly, we should naturally respond with excitement.Not only do we need to have a knowledge of the integrity and the accuracy of God's Word applied, but we must also get the zeal, the enthusiastic believing, the concern that other men and women might know that the Word of God is the Will of God.