Advanced Studies



A Man Given To Appetite


Abiding in the Word of God


ACTS Chapter 2: 1 - 4


Ambitious Rivalry

An Addiction To Pornography

Are The Dead Alive Now?


Defeating Drug Use With Godís Word



Donít React


Enchantment With Drugs

Ephesians 6: 12




Followers of Us


Forgers of The Word (Part 1)


Forgers of The Word (Part 2)


Forgers of The Word (Part 3)


Gambling-You Lose Every Time


God Does Not Kill People

God Does Not Kill People (Part 2)


God Rescued Us


Godís Perspective on Violence



How the Bible Interprets Itself (In the Context)


How the Bible Interprets Itself (In the Previous Usage)


How the Bible Interprets Itself (In the Verse Pts. 1 & 2)


How the Bible Interprets Itself (In the Verse Part 3)


How To Speak In Tongues


In The Beginning Was The Word


Jesus Christ Is Not God


Number In Scripture


Of Human Sacrifice


R e g u l a t o r


Religion, Politics, and the Legal System

Resentment Of Discipline


Self-Defense Is A Biblical Concept



That Man May Be Perfect


The Benefits And Purpose Of True Worship


The Benefits of God


The Book of Acts(Part 1)


The Book of Acts(Part 2)


The Book of Acts(Part 3)


The Book of Acts(Part 4)


The Book of Acts(Part 5)


The Broken Body and The Shed Blood

The Christianís Joy and Crown


The Day Jesus Christ Died


The Enemyís Traps


The Final Victory


The Final Victory (Part 2)


The Final Victory (Part 3)


The Final Victory (Part 4)


The Futility Of Anger

The God-breathed Word


The Life-Style of a Believer (Part 1)


The Life-Style of a Believer (Part 2)


The Manifestations of Holy Spirit


Viewpoints:Godís Ė Manís


What Is True Worship?


When Judas Hanged Himself


Without Natural Affection


Jesus Christ Our Passover


Jesus Christ Our Passover Ė Part I


The Eighth And Ninth Of Nisan

The Tenth Of Nisan

The Eleventh Of Nisan

The Twelfth Of Nisan

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part One) [From Sunset To Sunrise]

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part Two)

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part Three)

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part Four)

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part Five) [From Sunrise To Sunset]

The Thirteenth Of Nisan (Part Six)

The Fourteenth Of Nisan (Part One)

The Fourteenth Of Nisan (Part Two)

The Fourteenth Of Nisan (Part Three)

Last Supper Through Burial: Our Lordís Sufferings.

The Fifteenth Through The Seventeenth Of Nisan 


Jesus Christ Our Firstfruits Ė Part II

The Eighteenth Of Nisan (Part One)

The Eighteenth Of Nisan (Part Two)

The Resurrection Through The Ascension: The Forty Days


†††††††††††††††††† Jesus Christ Our Victory Ė Part III

The Ascension Through Pentecost: The Ten Days








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